November saw the weather get cold and the start of winter hibernation. The OWS occupation was cleared out in Toronto and various cities around North America and then the news on it kind of died out from the headlines. Something else that is dying out is me playing Glitch. I have pretty much done every thing in the game and leveled my character on the key skills. I have the most expensive house and at a level where it is mostly grinding and learning skills that are 7 days long. So now I’m just logging on quickly to collect resources that have piled up. I will probably stop playing it entirely soon (and it looks like a lot of people already have).

I started playing a bit of XBOX again this month. It all started out because I wanted to try out a free Pinball table that they were giving out around Hallowe’en. The table is pretty fun, for being free, and it’s not a huge investment in time to play a few balls. I almost thought about buying some more tables too (so they’re strategy almost worked).

One of the reasons is because I have a bunch of points sitting around on my account. I originally stocked up to export my Rock Band 2 songs, but that doesn’t seem like it will happen so I have some extras. Plus, there were several deals for MSP (25% off at Walmart, 50% off at RCSS) and although I didn’t buy any, it seems like I don’t need to hoard the points since they will be on sale again. I was hoping that I would spend some of my points on the XBLA fan appreciation sale around US Thanksgiving, but they didn’t have much in terms of deals (I did buy Outrun as it is going to be removed shortly due to the expiring Ferarri license).

There were a lot of fan appreciation sales this month, and a lot of shopping opportunities with Black Friday. We didn’t buy much though, except for some pre-emptive Christmas shopping.

I started working on a game based on the mechanics of Monopoly Deal and completed work on Condado. I even made some updates to my VIVA Android app, even though the YRT is still on strike – up to 40 days now with no end in sight. There was an attempt to bring back-to-work legislation but that motion failed and it looks like we still have the status quo – namely no buses.