I ended up doing a lot of travelling to the US this month. I made a trip to California at the beginning of the month for a couple of days, then a day trip to New York a week later, and at the end of the month we went to Pennsylvannia/Buffalo for Black Friday shopping. It feels like I’m in a constant cycle of packing and unpacking now even though I don’t really travel for work.

We had a blast of winter this month around the middle too, which was surprising as snowfall typically doesn’t happen until the end of the month. The plows and sanders had to come out for a bit, and there was accumulation on the ground for a couple of days – until temperatures went up into the teens on the weekend to melt everything away. Buffalo wasn’t so lucky and they were hit with “5 feet of snow” in some parts. When we drove through Buffalo almost 2 weeks afterwards, there was still mountains of accumulation on the side of the road (even after several days in the teens)

I started working on a new app idea this month after my last app got pulled from the store by Google. I have a good idea for the product, but I don’t know if I want to do all the technical work to make it releasable. Maybe I will just release a prototype/technical preview to the store to see if it catches on.

Between Black Friday and buying online, I think we’re actually done all our Christmas shopping this year! That means the next month is just for relaxing right? Well we’ll see.