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The weather in Seattle now is great. In the past say 3 weeks, it’s only rained once, on the morning of a weekday. The rest of the time it’s been sunny and the sky has been clear. Now normally that would mean that you would be burning in the heat, and while the sun does heat you up quite a bit, all it does is raise the ambient temperature from say 18°C to 25°C. So it’s warm enough that you won’t need a coat but not that hot either. The hottest day so far has been yesterday (last night around sunset to be exact) and it was a sweltering 29°C with no humidity.

As the saying goes, it’s not the heat that gets ya, it’s the humidity.

Two Sundays ago, I went out to Mt St Helens to see the remenents of a volcanic eruption. It’s not as close to Seattle as I thought (2.5 – 3 hours) but hey, it’s one of those things that I would regret not going to visit. Anyways, it turned out to be much more like a tourist attraction than Mount Ranier; there’s a dedicated highway that led to the eruption site with pit stops along the way for museums and views of the landscape. Unfortunately for me, on the day that we went there was a massive cloud hanging over the dome so I couldn’t actually see the dome.

In contrast to that, this Sunday was probably the clearest day I’ve seen around this area. Ed came down to visit this weekend from Vancouver so I was driving him around to the sights and on the way to the Boeing Museum of Flight, we saw an incredible view of Mount Ranier. If you’ve ever seen a Washington license plate, you’ll know that it’s basically a background of Ranier with numbers and letters on the front; well the view that we saw was pretty much like that without the letters and numbers.

i need to blog about convocation, but i’m lazy and instead i would like to take this opportunity to complain about this restaurant i went to yesterday.

wasabi bistro is a japanese restaurant in seattle’s posh belltown area. my friends heard that it was good, and it does say “city’s best” on the previous link, so it seemed like a good bet to check it out. while the place did have good decor and the presentation of the sushi was probably the best i’ve seen, it didn’t seem as much a japanese restaurant as a yuppie restaurant in japanese style.

first off, they had a small menu. i think the menu at memories in toronto is pretty small, but this place is even smaller. you pretty much had to order sushi or you had a choice of like 5 entrees (i.e. western style presented, not bento boxes). if you wanted miso soup, well there’s another $3 on your bill. also, none of the waitresses were japanese, they weren’t even asian! but these are really petty complaints considering when you goto a place like this, you’re not looking for a family run japanese restaurant.

anyways, so the twelve of us there ended up having a variety of things off the limited menu. some of us shared some rolls, some ordered entrees for themselves. some had desert, some had sake. of course when the bill came, the waitressess decided to put everything on the same bill. we had kindly asked her to split the bill into separate cheques or even the bill into 2 tables so the accounting would be easier, but no; she let us sort everything out by ourselves over the next hour. good thing we had a calculator too.

finally, when we had the bill separated and paid for (wow $420USD omg), it took another half an hour for the waitress to enter our cash/cards in. the irony is that when the people who paid by credit received their bills, it had their individual orders on it.

on sunday i went with a bunch of interns to snoqualmie falls. they say that it’s as tall as niagara falls but it is much thinner. hell, i’ve been to niagara how many million times now? but i had nothing else to do and it sounded like a good trip so i decided to go.

i was really surprised that the trip there was so short, they said 30 miles so i guess it made sense. anyways, i had expected hiking and what not to reach the falls but it was actually a tourist attraction. i had a chance to take pictures at the top of the falls as well as down lower by the bottom of the falls. at the bottom of the falls there’s an observation deck, but most people just climbed over the railing and climbed down to the rocks below. of course being the adventurous, invincible young kids we were, we decided to climb down and get up close and personal with the falls.

it was an amazing sight up close. i was able to take some decent pictures from far away, so walking closer didn’t really help my photography. in fact it was a problem because i kept getting droplets of water on my lens. some of the more crazier interns decided to go for a dip in front of the waterfall. it was entertaining for me because i got to stay warm and dry.

today, i went down to the seattle art museum to check out their new noguchi exhibit. i don’t know anything about art, much less furniture design or whatever noguchi is famous for, but whatever i had never been to the SAM so this was a good opportunity. i also found out that between my student id and my work badge, the SAM only costs $2!

this is the major cultural display in seattle for the summer, so i’m glad that i had a chance to view it. i wasn’t overly impressed, but at least now i know where ikea and club monaco found its inspiration for their bamboo and paper lights. i also had a chance to make my own lantern from popsicle sticks, glue and tissue paper. err that didn’t out too well, maybe i’ll post up the pic at some point.

i can understand why they call this an “art museum” rather than an art gallery. there were a lot of historical item which i felt should have belonged in a museum. i also found the overall experience to be somewhat small. maybe because i’m used to larger exhibits in toronto. this should be fixed soon now that they’re building a huge extension to the SAM.

one of the highlights of the trip was transformed by fire. they had some amazingly crafted glass structures. unfortunately they didn’t allow any photography so i can’t show you. it looks like i just caught the exhibit before it finished its run too!

yesterday i saw my second film at siff entitled hana & alice at the egyptian theatre in capitol hill. it’s about two teenage japanese girls, with a plot like that how can it not be good?

just kidding, i’m not perverse. anyways it’s like while you were sleeping (which i kept calling sleepless in seattle for some reason) with a bizarre love triangle involving a boy, hana and alice. what makes it cute is that it’s a japanese film which american culture has a fascination with (see lost in translation), otherwise i think it would be a pretty average movie.

i would give hana & alice a four out of five. while i appreciate the time spent to develop the characters and show the changes in the friendship between hana and alice, i thought it could use some editing as there were certain parts that just dragged on (the movie was 2h 13m!). i also thought the music was excellent as well as the cinematography in certain scenes. the director was present for the screening so i sat through a short interview after the show. people asked some pretty dumb questions, but i guess he had some true fans there as he has made a lot of other japanese movies.

dinner was at bill’s off broadway. not too much thought was put into this and that was probably a bad idea because the service was slow. although i did order a hot italian sub and i guess what they mean by sub is pizza on toasted sub bread. interesting.

last night i headed out to the seattle international film festival to watch a finish film titled producing adults. but first, after a hard day of work we had to grab some dinner at a nice thai restaurant called phuket.

it was a surprisingly nice and affordable place. the food was sufficiently but not overly spicy, the decor was nice (although there was a survivor in thailand sign…) and the presentation of the meals were above average (picture of my meal hopefully forthcoming when i get them off my camera). two interesting things i noticed about this place was they had a counterclockwise clock, which if you can’t visualize it is like a clock mirrored. they also had what seemed like custom dishes, but i suspect “phuket” was an after market addition to the plates.

anyways, producing adults is about a psychologist working at an infertility clinic who has problems at home having a baby; mostly due to the fact that her bf doesn’t want to have one. so there are some goofy happening but eventually it seems that she finds comfort in another (female) doctor at the hospital. anyways, there’s a lot of moving around and not knowing where the characters stand but overall it was an engrossing movie. they did a good job (in a star trek: the next generation way) of having sub plots and tying them up at the end, although it was intriguing how they didn’t tie up the main story line at the end and left it up to the viewer. i was also happy with the fact that i was watching a movie that could actually happen in real life rather than all the outrageous stuff i’ve been watching lately (incredibles, sin city, h2g2, sw:ep3 come to mind).

overall it was a fun experience for my first time at a film festival. i was surprised at the quality of the theatre because it was an independent and not one of those “high class” stadium-seating types, the movie was good, there weren’t any talking teenagers but there was also no director at the end answering questions. i think one of the reasons for that is because producing adults was previously shown at the toronto film festival. to think that i came all this way and waited a year just to see this film…

yesterday i went to endfest 14 featuring 19 bands on 3 stages. which was a bit weird because i went to endfest 13 last september, you would think they would do them yearly. anyways, it’s good for me.

the first act was kasabian which i wanted to check out because zmp recommended them (and i liked clubfoot. but of course due to: traffic/lines/slow people/murphy’s law/laziness i showed up when they finished. oh well. i ran into a co-worker later who said they weren’t that hot so maybe i didn’t miss much.

we did get there in time to watch the ceasers. i didn’t know anything about this band except that peter said they were featured on an ipod commercial. they were alright and had a couple catchy songs including jerk it out which was used for the ipod commercial. i did find it interesting that all the catchy songs had a synth hook in it. hrmm.

after that set, we caught the end of stereophonics on the main stage. i wasn’t really interested in any of the bands on the main stage except for interpol and would have liked to stay at the “what’s next” stage the whole time, but anyways watching roadies tear down and setup the equipment was kinda boring. so after stereophonics we came back to the “what’s next” stage to catch tegan & sara.

i had wanted to see these canadian gals before when i came down for interviews, however i had arrived too late and the tegan & sara show was sold out. this time i was on time and got a pretty decent spot in the crowd to take pictures from (yay i’m a papparazzi now). their set was pretty tight and they had the whole sarcastic i’m-from-canada thing going in between songs. i think if i liked their style of music, i would really like them a lot, but that being said aside from walking on the ghost i couldn’t really get into their songs. they’re like lillith fair generation 2 or something. after a quick break with hot hot heat on the main stage, we came back to catch the end of ash.

ash is one of those bands that i think have been getting worse with age. they had catchy pop/rock songs back in the day but not have degenerated to metal-ish. fortunately for me, they finished off their set with some oldies: girl from mars, kung fu, and burn baby burn. we stuck around for the next band too, the kaiser chiefs. i’ve listened to their album and while there was a lot of hype around them i didn’t think their album was any special. but they probably were the most exciting and energetic band the whole day. they played their hit single, i predict a riot and people started jumping around. the lead singer started throwing things into the crowd: his drumsticks, his mic, himself and started surfing the moshing fans. it was pretty fun. at the end they started throwing around (fake) equipment and the drummer tried to jump over his drum set. except instead of jumping he kinda fell over it and knocked half of it to the ground. that was a riot.

after that excitement we went over the the seattle stage to watch some local bands before the bravery/interpol. they band on the stage was pretty girls make graves which i had never heard of. so after they were done we split up into two groups; some of us went to get good seats for interpol and the rest of us went to see the bravery. now i wanted to catch the bravery because i wanted to see if they really sucked. they had so much hype but when i listened to their album, i only like an honest mistake. in fact ash dedicated kung fu to the bravery who as they put it, won their fight with the killers. it seemed more like they copied the killers and were trying really really hard to be really really cool. after watching the kaiser chiefs, these guys were a letdown. they suck.

so it was off to interpol. while we were late, we still got some of the best seats in our section (it was GA). i was pretty hyped about interpol but in the end i don’t think they are really suited for large venues. the music was pretty good but you can’t really set a mood without a more intimate environment, and i guess it didn’t help that they had no crowd interaction whatever (not even a “hi we’re interpol”) until the very end when they thanked the crowd.

after some food, it was time for the headliner who was also the second last band? weird i know. i actually don’t know why queens of the stone age were the headliner anyways, and i didn’t care for them cuz i saw what i came to see. since they were cool rock & roll people, they told everyone they could come down from their seats and go into the pit. so everyone went into the pit and it was packed like times square on new years. umm what else can i say? they played for awhile, people go kicked out for crowd surfing and they finished? haha

finally, the last band was united states of electronica. we didn’t really want to stay for them but figured that if we left after queens of the stone age were finished, there would be a lot of traffic. so we stayed for a couple of songs and then left. i guess the highlight of what we saw was when a cameraman mistakenly pointed the camera up the skirt of one of the singers, but by then hopefully all the kids had gone home 😉

i’ve been in seattle for oh, three weeks or so? and i’ve spent $2,000 on a load of stuff already. that’s troublesome in itself but the worse part is that i haven’t gotten paid yet. so i went to get some money from the atm today and it said i had $44.69 left in my account. i guess i’ll live thrift now. on a similar note, i’ve added 1,000 miles on my rental already so i guess part of the money is being dumped into gas.

just so i don’t have the same trouble as last term i’ve been keeping a spreadsheet with a pretty detailed record of where i’ve been spending my cash. now i can prove that buying cds is not the money drain!

to keep on the matter of gas, hills are really annoying. you spend so much energy to go up the hill, and i mean both walking and driving, when all you’re really going to do is go back down it again. so why bother with the hills at all? just make everything flat.

for the first two weeks here, it was cloudy and rainy — what spring should be like. but over the last week the dark clouds have cleared and the sun’s been shining bright. it’s starting to feel a lot like summer with the last two days reaching up to 32°C. the good thing is that it’s not that humid heat that we usually get later in the summer, so time to enjoy it before it…starts to rain again?

seattle premium outlets: this outlet isn’t even really near seattle, it’s about 30-45 minutes out of town yet they still call it “seattle”. anyways, it’s your normal outlet and surprisingly i bought absolutely nothing from this place.

pioneer square underground tour: this is the “clean” version of the underground tour which glosses over the seedier parts of seattle’s history. it also seems to gloss over its normal history as there are many loose ends that the tours doesn’t seem to want to fill us in on. anyways, we walked around under some of the buildings in pioneer square but it wasn’t really much of an “underground” tour. it’s more like a walking through old buildings tour.

u-district street festival: the u-district street festival, like most other street festivals in north america had lots of tents selling arts & crafts, buskers, street food, and rides. there was also a segway test-“ride” which wasn’t really a test ride because you had to pay for it. being near the university, there were also a lot of petitions including no to smoking in bars and yes to smoking in bars. surprisingly, all the petitioners (and sign holders) for no to smoking were black. they don’t seem like the primary audience for this sort of bill.

supermall: been there done that.

kerry park: this apparently offers one of the best views in seattle. it is a really great view, but there is really only one view. this is like a 10 minute pit stop on the way to…not much else.

seattle center: i had the time to actually spend time here and explore what is actually in seattle center. we happened to show up when they the world rhythm festival so there was a lot of rhythmic beats and dancing. anyways, this place is a lot like harbourfront.

international district: boring, dirty.

also jeb has his take on his blog.

jeb has been in town for the last week or so and him, ricmoo and an assortment of other random friends that i haven’t met before are doing some of the tourisy things around town (shopping). i don’t have net access so my pics aren’t up yet but i’m sure they will upload a copy of my pics on their sites as well.

so i’m am here in seattle and have been for the last few days. like all the other times i move to a new place, i don’t have internet yet so it’s been pretty boring and update lacking. actually it has been pretty boring because it took me all of one day to get settled in since i’ve been here before and so the associated anxiety of not being settled in hasn’t been able to keep me preoccupied. anyways hrmm, what else to say? i have a back log of blogs which i will post once i do get internet so stay tuned.

when i was first in seattle, i went to a mall and thought it was really dumb. it was an outdoor mall like all of those big box “malls” that have sprung up, but it had normal mall stores (like gap, abercrombie etc). it was also designed such that it looked like a town square and not a mall itself. anyways, i thought it was really dumb because you know, seattle is known for rain and when it rains you can’t really walk around an outdoor mall can you?

well i was wrong. first in that it didn’t rain that much, and second because it wasn’t really a dumb idea. it turns out that this was just one of many “lifestyle centers” that have begun appearing all over america. the faux town square look is not actually public property but actually part of the mall itself.

now instead of hanging around the food court, ghetto kids can appear to be bums.

my rental is a two door chevy monte carlo; an ass of a car. it’s big and ugly i guess like most american people. anyways there’s one quirky feature i noticed where the stereo systems volume scales based on the speed you drive; so basically when you’re on the highway it gets louder by itself. the feedback loop however is slow or something so you often end up turning it up yourself (then being defeaned by the AI).

i never know when to tip and how much to tip; but i did find a resource on the web which clears things up a bit about when to tip.

i think what’s really missing from the hotel is wireless; i don’t really want to be stuck on my desk to use the internet when i could be sitting on the bed. you would think something like this would be pretty easy to implement in seattle.

i’ve won two free songs on itunes in three tries. the method they describe to win at the itunes pepsi contest is actually a lot harder to do in real life then in theory. anyways, i don’t know if it’s worth it to keep trying because i don’t know what songs to get!

i’m staying at the W in downtown seattle. it’s one of those omg i can’t afford these trendy hotel type thingies. which is good, because i can’t afford these trendy hotels.

i had a little fun with the directions again because i followed it exactly and ended up at the front door of the hotel. the trouble was that the parking was on the other corner and i had to take the long way around due to one way roads. anyways, it turns out that they only had valet parking which is a pain in the ass because everytime i want my car i have to call them and have them bring it out and tip them etc.

after my long flight i needed to eat some dinner so i ordered a $32 grilled oregan country steak which ended up being like $46 after all was said and done. it’s pretty hilarious because it looks like one of those french meals; you know, not a lot of stuff for a high price. (side note: it looks like they give a new bottle of A1 steak sauce to ever order). i took some pictures but i didn’t bring my cable to take the pictures off so y’all have to wait till later.

my plan for last night was to catch tegan & sara in concert, but unfortunately my flight delays, the pain in the ass car routines and the fact that it’s sold out threw a wrench in that plan.

so i’m off to seattle tomorrow for interviews. it’s really a hassle to go down there right now since i have so much work to do and i just spent like four months there. anyways, i just want to bring up the weather over the next few days in seattle (notice the lack of -ve signs before any of the numbers):

anyways, i’ll blog on the road; see y’all in a couple of days.

so i got a piece of first class mail from comcast today. why? well because i used them for internet and cable when i was down in seattle ($30/mth was a good deal? go figure). anyways, i think it was supposed to get here sooner except they addressed it without a postal code! i don’t know if it’s some weird american convention but why would you not include a postal code? maybe their system can only output zip codes or something? beats me

so this isn’t blog worthy news except for the fact that it was a refund cheque for a paltry $0.30; even in canadian money that’s only like $0.50! is it really worth the cost to pay for postage, air mail, printing, and banking fees?

today was my goodbye lunch thing so i went to meet The Man. The Man is not who you think it is, rather it’s a little seattle tradition that i just had to go thru before i left.

in the suburb of bellevue, there’s a little restaurant in an auto repair lot called dixie’s barbecue. it’s really in an odd place, under a bridge, adjacent to the highway, beside a light industrial park; oh did i mention it’s in the middle of an auto repair lot? anyways this little place is known for it’s blindingly hot, hot sauce (that’s hot, not hawwwtt, as in too hot i can’t eat anything else nor feel my mouth hot). it’s an interesting little place so read the dixie’s barbecue story if you’re looking for the background info.

anyways, i met The Man right when i sat down with my food which was a bummer because i hadn’t eaten any of my food yet! i pretty much chickened out, dipped my fork quickly into the sauce and gave it a taste. i had heard horror stories (well more so funny stories because it dealt with other people) and i’m happy to say that i didn’t end up as a story. don’t get me wrong, it was hot and the worse part is it isn’t hot right away. it slowly gets hotter and hotter and stays hot while it goes thru your digestive tract; which would have basically ruined my lunch, dinner, breakfast, lunch and dinner respectively.

one coworker was more Man than i was and had a spoonful. he was fine until one point when his face got all red and ran from the table for some water (where’s the free milk when you need it?). not sure how he’s doing now or how productive he’ll be this week. anyways if you ever goto bellevue, check out dixie’s bbq but beware of The Man.

i went to another concert organized by seattle’s alternative station, 107.7 the end. the deck the hall ball is an annual event much like endfest, this year it featured 6 of the hottest indie bands right now: snow patrol, keane, the shins, the killers, franz ferdinand and modest mouse.

it’s pretty difficult to fit all six bands into one night considering they are all well known so their sets had to be of a decent length. nevertheless, the organizers tried to fit them in so the concert started at 6pm with doors opening at 4:30! don’t people have to work?? we had to leave work right at 5pm to head down to key arena.

i haven’t talked a lot about seattle traffic, mainly because i’ve tried my best to avoid driving in it by either taking the bus or just not driving during rush hour. well i couldn’t avoid it this time because i was pretty sure that the concert would go late and the buses wouldn’t be running then. so we drove down and a route that would normally have taken twenty minutes took almost two and a half hours! so we missed snow patrol and i ended up missing keane again….

actually that’s not true, we got in the doors just as they played this is the last time (my favest keane song) and watched them finish with bedshaped. not an entire loss, but i wish i was there earlier so i could get into the set. after that we moved up a bit in the pit and the shins came on. now my roommates are big, big fans of the shins but i can’t really get into them. i think their music is a little too mellow for my tastes. some of the crowd thought as i did but there were also some die hards out there so they got a decent response from the crowd.

i should say that they packed a huge number of people into this concert. key arena is the home to the thunderbirds and the supersonics, so it’s decently sized. they pretty much filled 2/3rds of the seats and the entire floor was packed with people. we moved up again after the shins and were pretty much as close as we could get since we couldn’t move thru the wall to wall people in front of us. unfortunately we were probably still 50 rows of sweaty people back from the stage.

anyways, the killers were next, and they were the ones who i really wanted to see (saw franz already and missed keane). here’s their setlist from my shoddy memory: jenny was a friend of mine, smile like you mean it, somebody tell me, andy you’re a star, indie rock & roll (never heard this before), mr. brightside, all the things that i’ve done. i had heard rumors that they were bad live but ian saw them a couple of days ago and said they were not bad. i think i would agree with that. they were “not bad” but they weren’t superfantastic (as franz would put it later, but did they mean suberfantacularizzle?), they seemed to have some technical problems as a couple of their songs were slower than normal. all in all, not a bad show.

after that, we went to grab some food. i wasn’t too excited to see franz ferdinand since i saw them recently and they haven’t released any new stuff (well they had that re-issue of the debut with b-sides but…). in fact we even got out of the pit and sat in seats at the far end of the stadium like old people. anyways here’s what the played: michael, tell her tonight, take me out, auf achse, i’m a villian (new song), jacqueline, matinee, 40′, darts of pleasure, this fire (i think that’s right, it was a long night). i thought they were better than the killers even though i had seen this stuff before, and they were probably the best set of the night.

after that it was modest mouse whom i’ve tried to listen to their cds but really can’t get into them. i find the lead singer’s voice annoying too. anyways, they went on and people started leaving. they played some more and more people started leaving. throughout the set i pretty much reaffirmed my opinion of them, i can’t get into their music! anyways, it was an interesting set aside from the people leaving; they had two drum kits and usually two people playing them (at one point there was one guy playing both), there were 2 minute pauses between each song which undoubtedly got more people to walk out, and a sasquatch (sonics mascot?) jumped onto the stage and jammed with them. anyways, i wouldn’t have mind if we left early.

anyways, something else interesting was that there was a no moshing rule and we saw probably 50 people get kicked out for that. it was weird because we saw people getting kicked out when we just arrived and until the very end. you would think that once you saw people getting kicked out that you wouldn’t mosh since you would miss all the good bands, but that didn’t stop the kids. i’m not sure why people were moshing during modest mouse tho, it’s not really moshing material…

japanese garden: posted some pics from that.

todai: for all you can eat sushi lunch. it’s a get up and get it style with a large selection unlike some of the other japanese buffets i’ve been too. also they have lots of different desserts that you don’t find at usual buffets (fresh crepes, cheesecakes, yogurts), altho this might be a japanese thing

there are a lot of microbreweries in the area, some of which i’ve been to are:
big time brewery: $5 for big time class with refills at $2.75.
pike brewery: um we just went into here cuz the keane show was sold out.

some other restaurants around town:
ruby’s diner: a retro diner like mel’s in waterloo
cedars on brooklyn: an extremely popular restaurant in u district with some pretty good reviews

hrmm this was a pretty dumb post, but i just wanted a record of this stuff.

i was talking with edmond (who needs to blog) the other day, and i realized that i have no money! i have enough in the bank right now to pay for tuition and probably enough to pay for rent once i get my last paycheck. the only problem is that i still have to pay for books, school food, xmas shopping, boxing day shopping, more cds, TAXES, etc so anyways that got me thinking…why do i have no money? well i guess i took a lot of trips this term but i don’t think i spent TOO much money on them; even vegas was pretty cheap. well then there was all that shopping in portland. hrmm.

i guess i probably spent at least $100 each weekend+extra on trips so that’s about say $2500, then there are all the toys i’ve bought (ipod, camera) and car rental which is another $2000. Add in about $500 for rent and food and there’s $5000 gone. So $5000+$3500(tuition)+1250(rent) = $9750/80%(~tax) = $12,200. hrmm, also furniture, utilities, eating out, so i used up $13,000 even?

anyways, when i was photoshopping my pics from vegas i noticed that i have a disproportionate percentage of vertical pictures. i’m about 50/50 split between vertical and horizontal pictures but i’ve noticed that most people are probably 90/10 horizontal to vertical pictures. i’ve noticed that if i get someone to use my camera, they for the most part take the picture horizontally even if it means cutting out the top half of the background.

well i did a lot of stuff the last two days, but i’m too lazy to write a long blog about it; so here’s the list and if you wanna know more then we can talk offline.

so on black friday, i went to: best buy, bellevue square (equivalent to bayview village), fry’s, supermall (equivalent to cookstown outlets), south center (equivalent to yorkdale), the public library, walmart, applebys. spent i would say $150 on clothes, CDs, DVDs, food, a suitcase ;(

yesterday i went up to vancouver: post office (my new suitcase isn’t big enough!), TD, daimaru sushi, granville island/public market, yaohan, futureshop, aberdeen, fukuruka sushi.

friday night was canadian night for me, and what better way to celebrate then to go down and watch hockey. seattle has a whl team (which consists entirely of canadians) called the seattle thunderbirds and they were playing the spokane chiefs that night. we got the tickets for $20 which is relatively cheap and were sitting 10 rows from the ice; which would’ve cost like $200 if it were a leafs game but i digress. the game was close until the 3rd period when the thunderbirds scored 3 unanswered goals. but best of all the hockey was not like the nhl in that it had a lot of scoring, shots (42 – 26 for the tbirds!), and a fight.

this is a pre-emptive bid to have fewer people asking me if i’m going to work here full time once i graduate. here’s the quick answer: no.

there are many reasons for this but i think one of the deal breaking reasons is that i don’t know anyone here. when you’re at school you usually have tons of friends around so whenever you want to do stuff you can at least find some people to go with you. when you’ve picked up your roots and moved across the country, you won’t know anyone and even if you do, they won’t be on the same level as the friends you have back home. it’s a pretty traumatic experience when your social life evaporates.

i’ve seen this happening to new hires, but at least the company expects it and there are a lot of new hire socials so people can get out and meet people. but again, having acquaintences is different than actually having friends.

so yeah, i don’t see this happening unless i have 2 or 3 really good friends coming with me (rishi, chard looking at you guys).