Do people like, still blog?

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I started my lifestream over four years ago as an evolution of my blog. At that time, there started being many more avenues where I was putting content on the web than my blog – it was easier to put links on Digg, photos on Flickr and even my Xbox360 was blogging! It made sense to combine all of the content I was creating and output it on my blog.

Now, four years later, there’s still a lot of ways that I share content – although most of it is centered around my phone. Some platforms are still the same: Twitter, Facebook, Picasa, Youtube, & my blog. But others have withered or died (such as Digg and Flickr). I’m using a couple of new services like Instagram, Mlkshk, and Reddit but never got around to integrating them together. Even though I think there is still a need for a lifestream, I think what is finally killing it is the downfall of Google Reader and by proxy, RSS.

Instead of people using one source (RSS) to read content, it is now spread out into separate platforms that don’t inter-operate with each other well, unless you consider importing the content into Facebook as the medium. I don’t like using Facebook as “my blog” because you don’t have control over your content, and your feed is combined with 100s of other people.

From a personal point of view, the software I’m using has problems. It flakes out sometimes (or my RSS feeds do) and posts content from a long time ago. Or it will just post a lot of errors. Plus if anything breaks, I’m too lazy to fix it. Combined with the fact that a lifestream doesn’t even make much sense anymore, I’m inclined to just point to my blog again and simplify my life.