The main goal of this November was to let Apollo grow up and so we didn’t plan a lot of stuff to do. He’s almost two months old now and although he changes behaviour often (part of his growing up) we are managing and settling into a lifestyle. The month seemed to past by fairly quickly as I kept track of how old (in weeks) Apollo was.

I started playing Glitch again this month after a long hiatus. In that time, they had gone back to beta and made changes to the house structure – now that I started playing again, there’s a lot of places for me to use my money & experience, to craft things and build my house. It was fun and interesting again – but then in the middle of the month, they announced that they would be shutting their doors on December 9, which kind of burst my balloon. Oh well!

NHL & Teachers are still in contract disputes, and Obama was re-elected. Rob Ford was kicked out of office, although it is still up in the air how long he will still be mayor and whether a by-election will be called. It was fairly cold this month, with morning temperatures around 0°C, but we didn’t have any real snowfall until the last day of the month (although even then it was a whimper). Black Friday/Cyber Monday also came and went without much fanfare on my part, probably due to a combination of me not needing anything, and there not being much of a bargain.