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June continued the trend from May with numerous hot days. Although to be honest this didn’t bother me very much because I go from home, to air-conditioned buses/subway and then into the office. We luckily had a stretch that wasn’t too hot earlier this month, and that was when we had some road work done on the main road in front of house. It used to be pretty bumpy so we would hear cars rumble on the road if we left the windows open at night, but now it’s been repaved.

We visited several garage sales this month, and I picked up a number of CDs for great bargains (i.e. < $3/CD, some even a quarter). But I also realized this month that buying CDs is dying a slow death, even for me, and have been thinking about just buying my music online.

We did some housework this month too, we bought some stones to encircle our tree in the backyard. It was tougher work than expected, mostly because the ground was near a storm drain and therefore on a grade. I didn’t want the stones slanted, so had to eyeball and flatten the ground before putting the stones on. We’re still not done though, we just have a single layer; we want to put a couple of layers down so we can sit on them.

In the latter few weeks of the month, I was excited about hockey. The Leafs had the 5th overall pick, the HHOF inductees were announced (Sundin was a first ballot entrant), the Leafs engineered a couple of trades (and hinted at a few more) and the free agency period approached. After all of these moves, I’m always excited about what might come the following season, but I get the feeling I will be let down again in a few months time.