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Recently I bought a cabin bag from (i.e., a bag to put all your electronics in that you can bring into a plane cabin). Like most all purchases, there was a lot of coupon/credit stacking that went into my purchase. This one was not as amazing as my Kobo Aura purchase but still pretty good.

$89.99 Original price
-$36.00 Discount off original price
+$7.02 Tax
-$15.00 coupon
-$13.33 credit
+$0.00 Shipping (free)
$32.68 Total

Plus, there was a 7.5% eBates cash back which I suppose would be $2.45. However, I never received my eBates cash back from my first purchase AND this credit is not showing up after a couple of days, so I’m going to assume that eBates doesn’t work for me.

But the most interesting thing was when I received the shipment, they included an invoice. Except, it wasn’t my invoice but the invoice to from the supplier. So I know that the bag cost $43.19 (at 20% discount from $53.99) + HST = $48.80. Which means that that made -$16.12 in selling me this bag (perhaps even less because someone had to pay for shipping, although that is possibly the supplier)