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I’ve been working from home for more than 3 years now and after all this time, I think what I miss most about the normal workplace is the commute! Yes, what people typically hate the most is the one thing that I miss. It’s not so much the stuck-in-traffic or the TTC delays though, rather it’s the free mental time that you have; and this only happens because you’re stuck in a process with no way to go faster. That gives you time to think about stuff other than what is happening in front of you.

I don’t get the same luxury anymore because when you work from home, there’s always something to do. It might be something you have to do, or it could be stuff you want to do. That same down time just doesn’t exist when you’re at home. Vegging in front of the TV isn’t the same because your brain is focused on what’s happening on the tube. In fact, it’s most similar to taking a shower (where a lot of great ideas are also thought up), and it’s something which a commute is great for. That’s what I miss the most.