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  • The Pow! Bang! Bam! Plan to Save Marvel, Starring B-List Heroes
    Marvel sold the rights to X-Men and Spider-man, then they were bought out by Disney, and now they’re making even more money than before. Why’s that?

    There were also people at Disney who expressed doubts about Marvel’s film strategy. Says Iger: “I remember someone [saying] on the Disney side, ‘Don’t you want to do Avengers first, and introduce Thor and Captain America in that, and then if they work bring them out afterward?’ ” Feige was adamant that this would be a mistake. He wanted audiences to get to know Thor and Captain America on their own before combining them with Iron Man and the Hulk. Disney was persuaded. Feige was relieved. He had enough things to worry about.

  • Autograph Fakery: Two Firms Monopolize a Lucrative Business
    In order to sell memorabilia nowadays, especially autographs, the article must be authenticated. Unfortunately, it looks like the business of authentication is fake! I think the people who run the businesses know this, but will keep at it as the money keeps rolling in.

    In 2007, a Philadelphia Fox News crew attended a memorabilia show at which JSA set up a booth to evaluate autographs, including those produced by baseball player Sal Bando, who was sitting just a few tables away.

    A Fox artist forged Bando’s signature with minimal practice; JSA approved it without incident.

    “That was a former employee of mine,” Spence says of the Bando auditor. “I believe he was caught off-guard. I wasn’t in the building at the time. They sort of blindsided him with the whole thing.

  • George R.R. Martin: The Rolling Stone Interview
    I haven’t watched Game of Thrones nor read the Song of Ice & Fire series, but George R. R. Martin is very popular right now so I thought it would be interesting to learn more about him.

    We got into that fight on Beauty and the Beast. The Beast killed people. That was the point of the character. He was a beast. But CBS didn’t want blood, or for the beast to kill people. They wanted us to show him picking up someone and throwing them across the room, and then they would get up and run away. Oh, my God, horrible monster! [Laughs] It was ludicrous. The character had to remain likable.

  • Emerging adults need time to grow up
    There has been a lot written about the “emerging adults” in the 20-29 y/o range, but this author argues that a lot of what has been said is not entirely true and doesn’t take into account changing societal norms

    Emerging adults enter the workplace seeking what I call identity-based work, meaning a job that will be a source of self-fulfillment and make the most of their talents and interests. They want a job that they will look forward to doing when they get up each morning.

    You might think that this is not a realistic expectation for work, and you are right. But keep in mind it was their parents’ generation, the Baby Boomers, who invented the idea that work should be fun. No one had ever thought so before. Baby Boomers rejected the traditional assumption that work was a dreary but unavoidable part of the human condition. They declared that they didn’t want to spend their lives simply slaving away – and their children grew up in this new world, assuming that work should be meaningful and self-fulfilling. Now that those children are emerging adults, their Baby Boomer parents and employers grumble at their presumptuousness.

  • The Life of a Stolen Phone: For the Smartphone Industry, Theft Is a Part of the Business Model
    It’s not entirely surprising that phone manufacturers and carriers WANT you to lose your phone so they can sell you another one. It’s also not surprising that they would work to keep this business model continuing. But I am surprised how this article claims that smartphone theft is so common.

    It takes three people to commit the perfect smartphone robbery. Two of them identify a distracted, vulnerable person — usually a woman, police say — with a phone in tow. The third one carries a gun. He’s the “safety” or “trigger man,” whose role is to intervene only if the victim puts up a fight. In most robbery stakeouts, the trigger man stands by and watches while the other two ambush their victim and run. That lowers the risk, and raises the payoff: If the thieves are caught, they’ll be charged with petty theft rather than armed robbery.

A few weeks ago, I ended up watching the Bourne Supremacy on TV. I’ve seen it before so it wasn’t new to me (although for some reason I never blogged about it – maybe I saw it on TV the first time too), but I had never been to Berlin last time, so that part was new to me!

It was nice to see some of the well known sights of Berlin in the movie – and I could go hey! I went to that train station (but didn’t jump on the tracks) etc. The highlight for me was that the CIA stayed in the same hotel that we stayed in, the Westin Grand.

There was even a shot of the front as Bourne walked past, although they blurred out the words and removed the Berlin wall fragment.

I thought that there was a trend where DVDs were being released sooner and sooner after a movie exited theatres. To the point that you could buy the DVD of the movie as you left the theatre. What happened to that? Now I don’t go to movies anymore, nor do I buy DVDs, but it seems like they are delaying the release of DVDs; some of the summer blockbusters are juts getting DVD releases now. Is it a Christmas-season reason, or do they just want movie-goers to forget that the movie sucked and other associated bad press?

I saw like, three movies this year. There just wasn’t anything interesting to see. But Up In The Air may change that.

I knew nothing about it, so I looked up the trailer:

which still gives me no clue about what it is about.

Actually that’s not true. Since I don’t watch TV or listen to radio, I found out about this movie by reading this NY Times article.

In “Up in the Air,” Mr. Clooney plays a suave corporate gunslinger who incessantly roams the country to fire people on behalf of other companies. Among these highest fliers, perks and privileges are coins of the realm. In one of the most talked-about scenes in the movie, Mr. Clooney and a woman at a hotel bar are soon involved in a flirtatious game, slapping down their platinum and other superexecutive elite cards on the table, as if to say, can you top this?

Few business travelers occupy this niche, no matter how frequently they fly. Right now, more of them are like me — anxiously looking at my mileage account and calculating how many more miserable miles I need to fly by the end of the year to requalify for a lowly level of “elite status.” Let’s say we do qualify. Mostly all that does is allow us to board the plane in a priority line, with scores of others, and maybe get early dibs on stowing our carry-on bags in an overhead bin somewhere within reach of our cramped coach seats.

I think an entire movie about the netizens of the Flyertalk forums would be interesting. Sadly, I think they’ve tried to make the film more marketable and thus less interesting to me.

We didn’t get a chance to Canal Street on our first visit to NYC in 2007, but we made sure we walked there when we were in NYC this year. Canal St is known for its knockoff goods; bags, belts and perfumes at cheap prices. Like PacMall’s DVDs, the cops know too and I suppose they have had their issues because the knock off goods are usually hidden in a back room or a low crawlspace below the shop.

With the recent police crackdowns, the shops in Markham have adopted a similar approach with their English DVDs. I went this weekend to replenish my backlog. My haul for $20 was:

  • Quantum of Solace
  • Slumdog Millionaire
  • Wanted
  • Milk
  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
  • Queen in Montreal/Live Aid (music DVD)
  • Sex and the City (Pauline’s pick)

Also, I still have The Diving Bell and the Butterfly which I bought awhile ago.

I am not too enthusiastic with these (although I had semi wanted to watch them). The shops now only have enough room for the recent hits instead of having a large collection like before. I may have to go more often than once every two years.

In the summer, it is almost without fail that there is a blockbuster Will Smith movie.

  • 2008 – Hancock
  • 2004 – I, Robot
  • 2003 – Bad Boys II
  • 2002 – Men In Black II
  • 1999 – Wild Wild West
  • 1997 – Men In Black
  • 1996 – Independence Day

Ok, I guess it is with fail. He missed a few years here and there. Well, another trend I’ve been noticing is that each summer there is a blockbuster pop duet. There was 2003’s Bonnie & Clyde by Jay-Z and Beyoncé:

I never realized it contained the same sample as Toni Braxton’s Me & My Boyfriend. No wonder it was so catchy.

In 2006, there was Nelly Furtado and Timbaland discussing Promiscuous (Girl). Another classic for me, and one of the best summer songs. Last year, there was Kanye West ft Estelle’s American Boy.

This year belongs to Ciara and Justin Timberlake’s Love, Sex, Magic.

Honourable mention goes to James Morrison and Nelly Furtado’s Broken Strings; but it just isn’t as awesome a song as Ciara and JLake’s.

I’ve been reading the train wreck of reviews about Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li. It has a score of 17% on MetaCritic! I like how some reviews reached the same conclusion as me:

The problems with Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li began with the casting of dead-eyed, sleepy-voiced, charisma-impaired automaton Kristin Kreuk as the titular piano-playing/fighting machine, and they continue with every other miserable facet of the production. Kreuk delivers her lines like a first-grade Sunday-school teacher addressing her students, and she boasts the energy and magnetism of a department-store mannequin.

Although, it’s not really a fault of Kreuk’s. You see, she became an actress because of her looks, and that’s really the only thing she has going for her.

She had plans to study psychology, environmental science, or forensic science at Simon Fraser University when a casting director for the CBC TV series Edgemont contacted her secondary school, looking for an exotic-looking girl to play the part of a Chinese Canadian, Laurel Yeung on the Vancouver-shot show. Kreuk’s drama teacher convinced Kreuk, who had no previous acting experience other than in musicals at her high school, to audition for the role. To her surprise, she won the part.

I don’t think she won the part due to her acting skills.

The next park on our theme park tour was Universal Studios. I wasn’t entirely enthusiastic about this one, and could have passed on it. But we went and it was entertaining. We arrived relatively early (everyone was still passed out on eggnog apparently), and went on the Revenge of the Mummy ride, the special effects and Backdraft stages. The special effects show talked a bit about green screens, and how sound is added to movies. Backdraft had some talking and then they burned stuff. The Revenge of the Mummy ride was surprisingly short, wikipedia says 2 minutes, but it had a what-it’s-over-already?? feeling.

After some lunch, we lined up for the Simpson ride. This was the worst wait of our entire trip; it was quoted at an hour but when we were halfway through the line, they started operating at limited capacity. It took us about 2 hours to get through the line, but the ride was pretty good. It’s a motion-simulated ride, but each motion simulator only had 8 people in it; and the screen was like a planetarium screen.

After that, we went to watch the Universal Animal Actor’s show, which was a bit disappointing since it was short. Plus I couldn’t tell whether the animals were screwing up, or whether they were gags inserted into the show. We tried to go on Shrek 4D but the line wasn’t worth it, and went past Grinchmas to see people play in the snow. By then, the park was really packed so we went on the Studio Tour to finish off our day.

The studio tour is both interesting and not. It’s interesting to see movie props and sets, but you’re just seeing environments (and a couple of cars) from a tram. It’s not like you get to really see how movies or TV shows are made. Interspersed in the tour are several “events” such as a bridge collapsing or a flood but I think they would only impress fool little kids.

The Studio Tour was the most interesting part of the visit, but not worth the price of admission. Unless you like the rides. Maybe I’m just getting old.

On Saturday, we hosted Iron Ring Chef at our place. Although the name is reminiscent of Iron Chef, it wasn’t really. It was more of a housewarming in disguise, although we provided food and other people brought stuff too. We waited a long time to do a house warming (3 months!) for a couple of reasons, first we didn’t really have anything to do and I didn’t want to do a DS/Tetris party.

The other aspect was seating. A few weeks back, all we had was a couch which sat 3 people, and 2 bar stools. So we could seat 5 people comfortably. Now we have 4 more dining room chairs, and we bought 2 more fold up chairs from Canadian Tire; so we were up to 11 chairs. That was still a problem because including us, there would be 19 people there. Actually with 19 people, I was afraid that some people would have to hang out in the balcony in order for there to be enough space!

Luckily, the arrivals and departures were staggered so that there was enough room. Peter, Horace and Aaron came and left early, and Norris, Janet, Leo and Adrienne went to Nuit Blanche after dinner.

Our original idea was that people could bring over stuff to cook; but logistically that would prove difficult to do. We ended up watching a few movies (Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children [twice], Kung Fu Hustle, and Aeon Flux) and played Victor’s Ruk-Shuk. Goal for our next party is to have better activities.

I was at Pacmall by myself the other day, and had to kill some time. I had visited Canada Computers too many times in the last month so I didn’t want to go there, so I decided to waste some time shopping for DVDs. Did you know that they’re down to 8 for $20 now?? It’s almost retarded not to buy 8 because the next increment is 3 for $10. Did I mention that that price included cases?

So I shopped around. At that price, the difficulty isn’t finding a good deal, it’s finding 8 movies that you wanted to watch. After a few stores, I eventually bought 8:

  • Hot Fuzz (on recommendations from Victor)
  • Pan’s Labyrinth (on recommendations from Aaron)
  • Knocked Up (on recommendations by ?? forgot who)
  • Captivity (wanted to see, but wouldn’t pay for theatre)
  • The Pursuit of Happyness [sic] (Pauline wanted to see this)
  • Children of Men
  • Letters from Iwo Jima (on recommendations from my friend Oscar)
  • The Fountain (wanted to see this because it’s an Afronofsky film)

So that’s a lot of movies! I still have in my backlog:

  • The Polar Express (Pauline wanted to see this)
  • Munich (again a recommendation by my friend Oscar)
  • Kung Fu Hustle (my DVD drives couldn’t read this, hopefully my new computer will have a better go at it)
  • Love Actually (Pauline said it was a good movie so I bought it)

I think I’ll get around to all these movies by 2010. That will be my New Year’s Resolution next year.

Space has some weird deal with movie distributors in that it plays a lot of crappy movies over and over again. I’ve seen, multiple times on Space:

  • Wing Commander
  • The Hulk
  • Daylight (this one isn’t even sci-fi)
  • Solaris
  • The Astronaut’s Wife

I’m sure I’m missing a couple that I can’t recall at the moment. Anyways, they sandwich these in between “good”, feature movies. They advertise the good movies weeks in advance, over and over again, to a point where I can’t figure out when they’re actually going to show them until they do. They did this with Sphere a few weeks back, the comic-book-movie month they had a year ago (which also included The Hulk), and the X-Men weekends they are having now.

To prevent themselves from repeating the recent, crappy movies (see list above), Space also shows a lot of what seems like 70s or 80s b-movies. This really sucks because I think there are a lot of sci-fi movies that they NEVER play. A.I., Dune, and Star Wars comes to mind (I think they showed Blade Runner at some point), which coincidently have big-name directors associated with them. I guess they are too cheap for the good stuff.

Actually, (and somewhere along the line this blog became a Space cheapness rant,) they do seem to save a lot of budget. They play the same basement-interviews with nerdy collectors between shows and their weekly news feature (Hypaspace) is just MovieTelevision in disguise.

It’s not all bad though. Space has been playing two interesting mini-series lately; Bryan Singer’s (Superman Returns, X-Men) The Triangle and The Lost Room. I also saw two interesting (although late-night) movies on Space recently. Beneath the Bermuda Triangle and Cube 2: Hypercube. Although neither are worth paying to see, they both had plot twists as part of the denouement which are fun. They should make ten-minute movies with only plot twists.


Best Movie: Batman Begins
Best Worst Idea of the Year: more school
Check my Top Music of 2005 for my music picks

$362.78 spent on CDs (28 new, 46 used)
$85.10 spent watching movies (7 hollywood, 2 indie)
$85.88 spent on DVDs (2 real, 10 bootleg)
78d 3h 24m 8s spent listening to iTunes (170 days, 13:43:14 total)

Significant Events

DQ stuff last Winter,
Various fourth year events (pictures),
Finally finished my undergrad degree,
Trip to San Francisco over Independence Day long weekend,
Writing my blogs with proper capitalization,

Resolution for the New Year
Ah I can’t think of a resonable goal that I would be able to reach. Oh wait I got one, how about next year I’ll try and put more effort into the 2006 round up.

Top Music of 2005
Year In Review: 2004
iTunes play time at the end of 2004

star wars episode 3: the revenge of the sith is coming out on thursday and one of my roommates has tickets to watch it on wednesday at midnight. he seems to be one of those hard core star wars fanboys that you read about, but never really actually know (maybe because they are nerds and don’t have a lot of friends?). anyways he said that he was thinking of dressing up as qui-gon jinn on the special day; and seeing as he has the long hair part down, it kind of works for him. the only weird thing about this whole thing is that he’s actually named after another hollywood action hero; his name is bond. james bond.

top albums of 2004

1. franz ferdinand self titled
2. the killers’ hot fuss
3. ted leo & the pharmacists’ shake the sheets
4. keane’s hopes & fears
5. the thrills’ let’s bottle bohemia

top singles of 2004
this list was pretty hard to do because the songs are different and hard to rate against each other. also these songs are taken from a list of songs i first heard in 2004 (e.g. the strokes’ room on fire was released in 2003)
1. the strokes — 12:51
2. britney spears — toxic
3. the strokes — reptilia

4. franz ferdinand — take me out
5. jet — are you gonna be my girl?
6. maroon 5 — she will be loved
7. the thrills’ — whatever happened to corey haim?
8. dido — white flag
9. ashlee simpson — pieces of me

10. hilary duff — come clean
11. janet jackson — just a little while
12. enrique iglesias — not in love
13. kanye west — through the wire
14. avril lavigne — don’t tell me
15. d12 — my band

top movie of 2004: the incredibles, hero and shrek 2 are honorable mentions.

money spent on CDs: $477.60 over 90 CDs.
money spent on DVDs: $196.13 over 13 DVDs.
money spent on movies: $87.88 over 9 movies.

list (can’t rank em!) of cool experiences this year:

the “if you told me one year ago i wouldn’t have believed you” change of the year: music preference = indie rock now?!

new years’ resolution: (find time to) read more (but not on the web).

I expected all you bloggers to answer this “if you told me one year ago i wouldn’t have believed you” change of the year question on your blog too 😉

this is like a mix of two worlds, a employee in toronto of the seattle-based
starbucks was fired for blogging about how crappy his job was. this is hot on the tails of friendster firing one of their employees for blogging. i remember the first high profile case where a microsoft employee was fired because he blogged and took pictures of a large g5 delivery to the microsoft campus. basically, it’s a fine line if you choose to blog about work; so should i blog about work? hrmm…

i wish textbooks had shown up on bit torrent when I was still in school. it would have saved me a lot of money and hassle!

what would the kid of various simpsons pairings look like? kinda like those date morph booths they have at playdium.

the story of the man on who spielberg’s the terminal was based on. remember, hollywood movies are fairy tales.

also, now that we know (read:rumors) that ken jennings is going to lose;
do you think they will release a jeopardy dvd with all 75 episodes of
his run? i mean, it’s just another form of reality tv, so if the simple life is on dvd then this should make it too right? cuz i haven’t caught any of them yet.

wow, five days without a blog. well i’ve been busy — at not being busy that is. see it’s usually the case that when i have lots of stuff to do that i find time to procrastinate and blog, but now that i’m at home with a lot of spare time, i find lots of time to do other stuff than blog.

so what have i being up to? well to tell you the truth, not a whole lot. i’ve been on a movie binge lately, i’ve watched a lot of movies on tv and caught up on some that i’ve wanted to watch for awhile. one of them was jet li’s hero whose north american release is on august 27. it is quite possibly the most polished chinese movie i have ever seen, however i’ve heard that the north american release has been stuck on the editing room floor for over a year, so i have doubts whether it will be as good in the theatres after being mangled to american standards.

i bought the killers’ album hot fuss and have been listening to them for awhile. they have the same problems as jet’s get born, the first half of the album is killer but the second half is forgettable. i’ve also been digging ted leo and the pharmacists’ new album shake the sheets. i hadn’t heard of ted leo and the pharmacists until hearing them through mp3tennis, but he’s a good songwriter with a lot of catchy songs. anyways, i’m not sure where to get their cd because they’re classified as indie. hrmm, who wants to make a run to soundscapes? anyways, i will have to stagnate my cd buying because i only have room for one more cd. so it’s a toss up between shake the sheets or the smiths’ the singles that i’ve had my eye on recently.

oh yah , some links:

today, i heard that there’s going to be a fantastic four movie. that’s great, because the ff actually fight cool things (silver surfer+other space baddies) so there’s a lot of potential with crossovers like ff vs star trek. the guys on the team are relatively unknown actors, but they’ve decided on jessica alba to play sue storm. for one thing, she’s not a blonde and secondly she doesn’t look caucasian. i think someone like elisha cuthbert would have been a better choice.

speaking of casting, does anyone else think that it was a horrible idea to cast kirsten dunst as mary jane? when i think of mj, i think of someone with thick red hair and a fiery attitude, not someone with dopey eyes and faux red hair.

sometimes you run across a lot of cool links, and sometimes you spend an entire week without seeing anything interesting. well the last couple of days i’ve come across a bunch of cool things (altho it seems like all i blog about is fast food, obesity and ddr nowadays instead of hockey, music and other garbage). anyways, the trouble with getting too many links is that no one will click thru them, but anyways:

i’m sure most of you have heard how gaming is really big in korea. it’s not something that we in north america can readily imagine, so that’s why we rely on articles that profile south korean game-thletes. it’s pretty amazing stuff, and the parallel between superstar gamers and superstar athletes isn’t far off. Lim, the guy they profile trains for 10 hours a day, has sponsors, and is not allowed to have a gf. i think the coolest stat is the in some games, he does over 6 actions a second! how many times can you click the mouse without moving in a second? now that’s an athlete.

slate’s mentioning how the tide has shifted and the public is adopting widescreen movies. i can say i was always on the widescreen bandwagon, why? because it looks more like a movie theatre! i remember in high school, my friend tried to make me feel real stupid for liking widescreen (you’re wasting 1/2 of the screen dumbass) well TOO BAD I WIN!! but anyways, widescreen really is better, if you don’t believe me, this article will explain it.

cereality, a cafe where you can have cereal. i’m guessing this is a pure yuppie cafe.

also, some american idol season 3 links:

i know i know, that last link is a nytimes link which i said i would never link too (registration, no access to archives) but hey it’s by sarah hepola who’s one of my favorite online writers so there.

upcoming movies i want to watch: eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, hellboy, the whole 10 yards, the punisher, kill bill vol2, van helsing, shrek 2, hero, spiderman 2, sky captain and the world of tomorrow, king arthur, i robot, catwoman, the bourne supremacy, alien vs predator, blade: trinity, resident evil: apocalypse + other yet to be hyped movies

upcoming movies i will watch: eternal sunshine, spiderman 2, blade 3,

that tells you a bit of what i think of the movie industry’s prices. also: lots of comic book and horror movies!, i guess they’re the new teen slasher flicks. also2: star wars episode III isn’t coming out till may 25 2005, guess we were all wrong.

i’m not very happy with will smith’s summer blockbuster this year. comparatively, his movies have been getting worse (bad boys 1&2, mib I&II, independence day, enemy of the state, wild wild west, ali) and it almost seems like he’s in these movies just to get a hip (ie not morgan freeman), serious, black lead character to draw a large summer audience. this year’s iteration is i, robot. it’s based on a book, infact a classic science fiction novel by issac asimov. between him and arthur c clarke (author of 2001), they are arguably the best science fiction writers of all time. so it’s very disappointing for me (even tho i haven’t read the book) to see hollywood turn i, robot into a ticket-selling action packed minority report wannabe (in terms of revenue). i guess i’ll have an extra $15 this summer to buy the book.

haven’t posted in awhile, i wrote too much last time so i needed a writing break. good thing i’m in engineering.

i didn’t do so hot in nelson’s oscar pool (289/331), i think i used the wrong strategy. next time, i won’t spread my points around, i’ll just bet everything on lord of the rings.

some goofy things in the news lately:

and then for something of a more serious nature, slate has an article about BT, which if anything is bad news for it. also in related piracy news, the guys behind mp3 are planning to add drm to the mp3 format, which if you ask me is kinda dumb. people don’t use mp3 over drm’d aac or wmv just because it’s more common, it’s also because there’s no drm. i don’t think a drm format will be popular just because it has an extension of mp3.

usa today finds that between 2 and 7 percent of american adults blog. ignoring the fact that i’m in canada, i’d say that figure was about right. although i’m somewhat disappointed that going to such a high-tech school would have so few people blogging. then again, maybe i should’ve taken comp eng instead.

have you seen the subway advertisments for the ttc saying that they can take you anywhere? you know, the one with a woman standing in front of a tattoo parlour when she intended to goto a museum?

watched dark city, pretty good. watched lost in translation, again pretty good but i dunno if it’s academy awards good.

i’m getting tired of reading these articles about how people who blog don’t realize that anyone can read their posts. the one story (among others) about how some asian girl gets alot of asian-fetish emails because of her blog is pretty funny tho (gee i wish i could get into grad school cuz of my blog). why’s yellow fever so popular anyways? if only orangefever were as popular, i could sell the domain and make lots of money!

anyways even if you’re not talking about sensitive stuff (like me), you still end up in funny circumstances such as when you’re catching up with someone and everything you tell them they’ve read from your blog (i better not hear anything about this in class!). on the flip side, the good thing is you only have to tell a story once (you: so how was [insert event here]? me: just read about it on my blog damnit). so sometimes it does feel a bit weird (this would be a good excuse to go back to a links-oriented blog eh?) but maybe it’s just early adopted syndrome.

anyone heard of the triplets of belleville? it’s getting 95% on rotten tomatoes so it should be pretty good, and it’s animated too. ok, busy week so no more bloggin’ until friday at the earliest.

not to totally make my post the other day seem like just filler material since i hadn’t blogged in a week, but i was actually going to write something meaningful today. of course, i ran into a problem. i wanted to blog about a new dvd i came across of an anime film set to the music of daft punk’s latest studio album, discovery (kinda like how the wizard of oz can be set to pink floyd’s dark side of the moon) but that sort of stuff made more sense on my music blog (which i also said yesterday i didn’t have time to work on). so, rather than cross post to both sites, i’m just going to link to my post about the 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem and you should all check it out because it’s more interesting than me talking about the weather in waterloo.