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Now that I am no longer a Rogers customer, I need a new corporation to hate at. I pick…the 407ETR. Why does it deserve my hate? Because they rip you off! (albeit they provide a valuable service which is difficult to replace if they weren’t there)

My first rip-off hate of the 407ETR started when they started charging trip tolls. Instead of charging per-km that you drive on the 407, they started charging a flat fee every time you used the 407. The trip toll started out at 25¢ and is now 40¢! I thought renting a transponder was to make each trip electronically tagged, and not induce a cost on each trip?

What’s pissed me off today is the whole business of renting a transponder. How much do those little boxes cost? I’m guessing $20. Yet you have to pay $21.50 year upon year that you want to use the 407. If you use it for 100 years, guess what, you’re out $2150 for a $20 box. Between the transponder “lease” and the trip toll charges, we’re being repeatedly charged for the same things. It reminds me of Ticketmaster.