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Although I said that Google Photos was not the solution that I needed to backup my photos online, I ended up starting the process of uploading all of my photos to the service. It’s taking a long time since almost 50GB of photos so I’ve been doing them overnight. Although I’m not going to use it as backup, I think it’ll be worthwhile to have them online for future use.

I usually organize my photos by year and since I already have another way of backing up photos online, I think my online collection might tend to be a year behind (so as to not upload photos twice as they take a long time). I’m also thinking that I will upload all photos that I’ve come across, not just the ones I’ve taken. So any photos that people have sent or shared with me I’ll just upload them. Hopefully Google will have some neat algorithms (their Assistant results so far have been underwhelming) or scalable UX to navigate them in the future.