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Last week, I turned on my XBOX360 for the first time in oh probably almost 2 years. I’m not sure why it’s even connected to my TV; I should just archive it because it (and the game boxes) take up a lot of space. Anyways, the reason I turned it on wasn’t even to play games, it was to run media center so I could access the shared media on my computer!

So my XBOX360 is pretty much useless to me.

But in better news, I don’t need it to be my media extender anymore, because I just moved my old computer into the living room as a HTPC. It’s kind of noisy, and doesn’t have HDMI out (my TV has VGA-in), lags on 1080p content (more or less depending on the encoding format) but it works and it’s cheap! I was only able to free up about 150GB on its 250GB HD for media, so I’m still sharing/streaming a lot from my desktop.

This was also a good excuse to put my air mouse to work – I bought that awhile ago but had no reason to use it. This also ended up solving my living room issue as I no longer need to use my Chinese tablet. Although I can’t surf and watch TV at the same time, it’s not actually as big of a problem as it could be since I don’t really watch TV anymore.