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April saw a new “pandemic” occurring over Swine flu, although I thought it was well past flu season now. At work, I started working on a new project incognito, which supposedly shields me from having to deal with other problems. And it started getting summer-y. Too much though, with people wearing flip flops and one day hitting a high of 29°C. Wait – didn’t it also snow in April too?

I started filing my taxes, and finished it up. But it was a bit of a rush because I had to change my address first, which required me to create an account and then wait for a confirmation code to be mailed to my (old) address. But, I got it done and submitted. Yay for not waiting until the last minute.

The most memorable event in April was climbing the CN Tower. I did it, now I’ll never have to do it again! I also went to a FC game and various nights sitting in on high school performances. The coach of the FC quit after we attended the game, was it something I said?