Do people like, still blog?

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This blog post resonated with me recently – blogging is basically dead. Well I don’t mean completely dead, but it’s thought of in the same league as news media or journals – specialized mediums for certain people. Your average joe no longer blogs (or cares about blogs), they post on Facebook (even Twitter is dying). The same thing has happened on my blog for many years now – my blog is being carried by “monthly recaps”.

I used to blog more for a couple of reasons:

  1. I have a place to write down and share my thoughts
  2. I have a record of things so I can look things up later, whether they be photos or reviews or experiences

Reason #1 is not that important to me anymore. Like everyone else, I have Facebook or Twitter for quips, reactions or thoughts. But even then, I’m not really posting those there either. Maybe it’s because I’m older so I feel less of a need to express myself or maybe there’s just too many voices out there that whatever I say is drowned out.

Reason #2 has been replaced by the cloud. Yes I know, when something is on the cloud, it is at the mercy of the provider disappearing and then you’ve lost all your content. But everyone is in the same boat – if Google goes down, you lose all your photos and email. Can you imagine that happening for the entire western world? To me, photos were always the most important in remembering experiences, more so than my recollections or reviews, so once that is backed up, blogging loses its importance.