One of the comments I had received about Condado was that it was difficult to tell when card(s) were selected. The mechanism that I had used was to push up all selected cards slightly – I think this worked fine if you had a small (i.e., phone-sized) screen, but if you were playing on a tablet then I could see how the slight indent may not be too noticeable.

I was also frustrated with a small bug here, where if you unselect a card, the card would not be lined up with the original cards anymore. For some reason, x + (-x) does not equal to 0!

For these two reasons, I am changing how selected cards are depicted in my new game. Instead of changing the location of the card, I’m going to do something simple and just dynamically add an overlay onto the card. Here’s an example:

I think the red checkmark makes it abundantly clear what cards are selected; although I might change it to the game’s icon in the future (once I decide what it should be and draw it!)