so i went to the mariners game at safeco field on the company yesterday. there were 75 free tickets, and each ticket included $5 in food/drink/merchandise money so it was a good deal to go! anyways, there ended up being like 10 people who went, and we all got another $5 so i guess a lot of people got tickets but didn’t make the bus or something (aside, it’s funny they rented a big coach for 10 people).

i’ve been bugging people to goto a jays game for awhile as i hadn’t watched live baseball in awhile; and i guess it was a good thing you guys didn’t agree because i was bored by the second inning (we didn’t get there till the bottom half of the 1st). the 300-level seats didn’t really help either (they don’t have 500-level like they skydome, these were the boonies). i’m surprised that they are able to charge people $17 to sit up there. anyways, after awhile we walked around the stadium (surprisingly similar to qwest field), purchased some merchandise and went down to the 100 level to watch the game.

a funny thing about the merchandise is that there are a lot of hello kitty things there. i agree that it seems weird for american baseball fans to buy hello kitty mariners at the ballfield, but it’s because there are a ton of japanese people attending the game to watch ichiro (3 walks, reached base on error last night). so that’s kinda something you would never see in toronto.

before hand, we checked out pyramid breweries across the street from safeco which was supposed to be a decent pub. well, it had a lot more atmosphere than the actual game itself! i had an awesome blackened chicken burger there too. so skip the game and take a beer tour instead.