last night i went to the fremont oktoberfest. it’s kinda weird wouldn’t you say, that oktoberfest was held in the middle of september instead of october? anyways, aside from that minor point it was just like the oktoberfest that we all know; drinking and more drinking.

this oktoberfest in fremont was a little different, when you pay your general admission, you got a mini 5oz plastic beer mug and 5 pogs. you can trade a pog for a (5oz) mug of beer from one of the 75 microbreweries. so it was more like a beer tasting festival than anything else. admission + the mug + 5 pogs cost $20USD which is kinda expensive if you think about it to stand around drinking a lil beer.

also bought another 5 cds, that’s 22 in like 3 weeks. gotta stop spending money!