I went down to Skydome Rogers Centre to celebrate a friend’s birthday at the Jays game yesterday. It was my first game of a promising season (where we made several big acquisitions and were expected to compete for the World Series) that never materialized. Currently the Jays are in last place in their division (although they have won their last five – now six).

The Jays were playing the Rockies in inter-league play. It was a pitcher’s dual for most of the game, with the Rockies’ pitcher holding a no-hitter for almost half the game. Even though it was tense, it wasn’t that exciting. However, the game got exciting in the bottom of the 8th when the Jays scored two runs to gain the lead. The held on to the shutout in the top of the ninth to end the game early. 20,900ish watched our pitcher Josh Johnson throw 10 strike outs but get a no decision. It was a good outing though.

Going to the game also gave me a chance to use the MLB At the Ballpark app that was interesting to me. It’s basically an free interface where a fan can navigate around the ballparks in the league, while buying tickets and getting other relevant information. The best thing about it for me is that you can keep a journal (synced to the cloud) of which ballparks and which games you’ve watched. After downloading it, I went through my blog and found all the dates at which I went to a ball game and entered them in! Unfortunately, it only goes back to 2005 so I couldn’t put in my 2004 trip to Safeco field.