i got my ipod a little while ago, and after i opened the box to play around with it; i noticed that while the footprint was what i expected, it was thinner than i thought it would be (4G models are thinner than before). it was also heavier than expected which means it felt overall like a solid package. anyways, once you play around it, it’s pretty easy to see why it’s so hip and cool right now. also funny, was a don’t steal music warning on the ipod.

you have to charge the ipod before you’re able to use it. i unfortunately was confused whether it can be charged directly over firewire (as i had read) or needed the ac adapter. anyways, i just plugged it into the adapter for the night so i couldn’t really import music until I had to go to work. the firewire itself is very fast; i transferred over 1000+ songs to my ipod in the time it took for me to shower. so who else has an ipod? we need to start an ipod clique.

i’ve also been playing around with the itunes music store the last few days now that i have an american credit card. i haven’t actually “bought” any music, but I did “purchased” some of the free tracks. it is so freaking easy to buy music. i hope there’s a way to turn off one-click because it’s easy to rack up $100 worth of tracks “on a whim”. anyways, i have yet to try out the videos feature but there’s a strokes’ video advertised on the front page which i will check out sometime.