my company has deals on various products from various manufacturers including creative and rio, both of whom make mp3 players. now the deals are actually pretty good, upto 35% off the original price, and since i didn’t bring my md player (net md sucks.) nor my (broken) cd player, i could use a portable music player.

over the last few years i’ve had too many, and spent too much money on portable audio. so, i don’t really want to buy yet another one. but i mean, i’m going to have so much disposible income in the near future that i really can’t stop myself from buying something =( … (aside:i’m broke right now =( x 2 ). anyways, as cheap as i can get the rio’s and creative muvo’s, if i’m going to spend $100-$200 for yet another portable music player, i might as well spring for a new $300 4G 20GB ipod. i think i will.