We spent the first two weeks of December finishing up our Christmas shopping, wrapping and preparations that we didn’t get to do in November. It wasn’t that bad this year and surprisingly I don’t think we bought any gifts online! That meant the next two weeks were rather light until the actual Christmas festivities started. We didn’t book any trips over the break so I ended up working most of the days. There wasn’t a lot happening at work anyways, so that too was light.

The weather definitely started getting colder. We had our first snowfall the week before Winter officially arrived (although there was no accumulation). The random warm day(s) trend continued as Christmas Eve was in the double digits (a White Christmas was nowhere to be seen) and then there was a snowstorm (with accumulation) before the new year. Of course, it rained immediately after that so there was slush everywhere. I had a cough for basically the entire month as the kids caught something at school/class and they shared it with us.

Christmas break was not too crazy, we had dinners with the usual family and suspects and didn’t really partake in Boxing Day shopping (did some shopping online though). The kids didn’t get as many gifts this year as last (on purpose) but there was still a lot to open. Even with the reduced supply, I think there are too many gifts – Apollo still hasn’t really played with his presents from his birthday three months ago!