Usually in December, we would be well on our way to be finished Christmas shopping, but this year we were a bit slower. We didn’t have a lot of time to cruise the malls & think about gifts until this month because we were busy with Apollo and it was also kind of difficult to go to the malls and shop amongst the throngs of people with a stroller. Nevertheless we didn’t resort completely to online shopping, and did venture out and complete our Christmas shopping with the last weekend to spare.

I had a Christmas party (& a potluck) for the first time since I’ve been a FTE at work (although it wasn’t that great) and we had the normal set of Christmas meals. We had a lot of gifts (didn’t fit under our tree, but I guess our tree is kind of small) although unsurprisingly, most of them were for Apollo! Afterwards, we didn’t head out on Boxing Day because there wasn’t anything we needed to buy. I looked around for online Boxing day deals and didn’t see much, so I guess I wasn’t missing out at all.

We didn’t have snow on the ground for Christmas, but had our first snowstorm of the year on the 27th, dumping 10+cm on the city. Fortunately a lot of people (including me) were still on holidays so there wasn’t a lot of driving going on. The temperature stayed below freezing and some light dustings were added on top so now we look like a winter city.