Gothik’s hero ability is to draw a card and gain an extra mana crystal – meaning he’s able to ramp up really quickly. His minions also have a deathrattle that creates a 0-attack minion on your side, which damages you each turn. I had some difficult figuring out how to defeat him but decided to try a Control Warrior/Grim Patron build to start. I also added some cards like Charge to help kill my 0-attack minions.

This approach didn’t work so well after a few tries. I tried a different approach after I noticed that he would approach fatigue by the time he beat me. I tried to mill his deck out and hopefully have board control by then. Here’s my deck:

  • Nauturalize x 2
  • Mark of the Wild x 2
  • Crazed Alchemist x 2
  • Explosive Sheep x 2
  • Recombobulator x 2
  • Unstable Ghoul x 2
  • Healing Touch x 2
  • Mark of Nature x 2
  • Dancing Swords x 2
  • Deathlord x 2
  • Grove Tender x 2
  • Poison Seeds x 2
  • Swipe x 2
  • Jeeves
  • Abomination x 2
  • Antique Healbot

I had to play a few times before getting cards in the right sequence to win (and conveniently, the AI pulled out 3! Crazed Alchemists on the same turn to get rid of my souls – although I would have won even if that didn’t happen). This was actually pretty fun duel as it wasn’t a mindless wait for RNG to spin in your favour – there was actually some strategy to play cards and turns in the right order to win. All the cards in the deck were useful and important, even Jeeves. I achieved lethal when Jeeves made the AI lose 7+8+9 hp on the last turn!

I’m also glad I was able to play something other than Freeze Mage or Control Priest.