I bought The Firm on a whim because it was pretty cheap ($1 USD) and it seemed like it would be fun. Like Flappy Bird/Crossy Road, it’s an easy game to play but difficult to master – at least the difficulty starts ramping up pretty quickly. The concept however, is not as good as something like Ridiculous Fishing. I don’t think it was a bad purchase (especially with no IAP) but it’s not a game where I am itching to play.

Trexels is an official Star Trek game whose sole reason to exist seems to be so that you can collect the entire bridge crew of TOS or TNG. Like Happy Street, you collect resources and build buildings (rooms in your ship) in the hopes that they will aid you to get the premium currency (Dilithium). Once you have a large number of dilithium, you can buy one bridge crew. There are also away missions that attempt to give it some variety, but all missions play the same way (irrespective of the lame dialog) so the game is rather boring. I played it for a week, but even the appeal of playing a Star Trek game wears thing when are you’re doing is farming.