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Hmm, I didn’t realize that I was blogging about each episode of Discovery. Well that died off pretty quickly. None the less, I enjoyed the first season of Discovery as I saw it as GoT meets Star Trek (or Star Trek in the new style of TV). I was excited for Season 2 and waited to “binge” watch it.

Note 1: “Binge” as in not having to wait a week in between each episode, too old for just watching all the episodes back-to-back

Note 2: I didn’t realize that there were only 14 episodes in the season, and though that they were just doing a mid-season break. So I could have started watching earlier.

I wasn’t overly excited about Captain Pike (although he turned out quite ‘Captain’ly ), the search for Spock (didn’t they make a movie about this already) or any of the Enterprise universe (wasn’t a fan of TOS). And, after about 7 episodes in, haven’t been super impressed with the series.

I felt that the writers have chosen good themes and ideas, but the execution is just lacking. It’s like it is missing some polish and doesn’t leave you with a satisfied feeling once the episode is done. There are a lot of Star Trek type episodes (discovery of new species & etc) but the overall story arc isn’t as exciting. Hopefully it picks up in the latter half of the season!

Whoops, forgot to blog about February until now. So what happened – well it was a short month, but it always feels long because this is the dead of winter. It didn’t feel as cold as January, but that might be because I was used to and expected it this month. There wasn’t as much snow, but still a snowfall or two. Driving in this month felt like the winters of old, where there is a constant layer of snow underneath your wheels (at least on the inner roads) and snowbanks along the sides. Fortunately, Spring is supposed to come soon and dramatically this year.

I flew out to Korea for a few days this month. I’m pretty tired of Seoul the city, so I connected through Japan on the way back. The connection involved a change in airport so I was able to catch some sights for a few hours before departing.

I made the conscious decision to stop playing Star Trek Timelines this month. I guess inertia kept me going but there wasn’t anything that I “needed”. I “bought into” Disney Heroes (meaning I paid $10 to get to a higher VIP level so I could avoid menial tasks) so I’m giving that a ~90 day run before deciding whether I should continue spending time on it. I also started playing Hearthstone some more (at least the questing and saving gold). It feels good to make this change!

I’ve been playing Star Trek Timelines for almost 2 and a half years now, and spent about $200 on the game (sunk cost). I still enjoy it from a collection/completist POV, and play through it every day because of that. The game itself isn’t very fun, but it strikes a balance between the collection and other aspects that other games couldn’t achieve for me (looking at Pokemon Go).

Because I’ve been playing for so long, I am at a point where progress is minimal. I don’t have a complete collection, but I have a large collection that one could reasonable achieve without being a whale on the game. The gameplay every day is more maintenance than anything else, continuing to climb really tall mountains.

In a way, it’s a lot like Hearthstone, where there is a continual maintenance to complete quests -> farm gold -> save for expansions. Farming is easy, especially because you can complete quests by playing “friends”. However, it ends up being a drag because the rewards are minimal compared to the effort required.

I actually pulled back on Hearthstone this month. I stopped trying to maximize my quest/gold farming and maybe I will just focus on getting the season card back for the next little while (I did the same thing when the Goblin vs Gnomes expansion came out). I’m also trying to compress my STT gameplay into shorter bursts because I picked up a new game to play now – Disney Heroes: Battle Mode.

The one thing that caught my attention with Star Trek Discovery, even from the first episode, were the credits at the start of the show. Instead of showing the universe or the ship, the credits rely on an artistic rendering. There’s also various shots of scientific models and diagrams. In a way, this is what a James Bond title credits might look like if James Bond was all about scientific discovery. I like this a lot, and it is also a stark contrast to the universe, ship, and feeling of the series.

Last time on my blog, I talked about how I felt about the other Trek series, and wondered how Star Trek Discovery compares to them.

It is difficult to compare, but as with all things I think there needs to be a frame of reference. TV has changed a lot since Enterprise (what was that, 10-15 years ago?). While I don’t follow other shows, from casual reading it sounds like current shows have much better story writing, production quality and overall drama. I haven’t watched Game of Thrones, and have only heard about the sex and death in the show. But I guess that Discovery is a lot like Star Trek of Thrones.

While there are still scifi/tech elements, and everyone is wearing a uniform. There’s a lot more death. Also I feel the camera angles are a lot more intimate (vs TNG where you see the characters in the scene, as well as a large portion of the room/starship). Discovery needs to be this way to survive, but it’s not the Trek that I grew up with.

There are also a lot of dramatic swells in the plot. Sure, all Trek episodes have moments of conflict where the protaganists have to do something heroic. But on Discovery, it seems like every episode is the climatic scene at the end of a movie. While it’s exciting now, I think it’s too much too often and sets up an expectation that they can’t possible keep up with.

I’ve been doing a slow watch of the newest Star Trek series. I’ve actually been pretty exposed to the series because of the game that I play, there are a lot of product/character tie-ins to the series. However, since I don’t have a regular TV diet, I’ve been saving the episodes for plane rides (when there’s no inflight entertainment).

The first couple of episodes I watched were great. It is definitely not the same Trek as TNG, DS9, VOY or even ENT. I watched every episode of Enterprise, even though I don’t remember much from it anymore. I was lukewarm on it – I didn’t like the characters that much and the story arcs seemed a bit silly (temporal war, Xindi, etc). I also watched a lot (maybe all) of Voyager and DS9. Voyager seems to get a lot of bad reviews on the internet, but I actually have the opposite opinion of the masses. I felt like the episodes were faithful to the style of TNG and that the crew complement was decent (although not as interesting as TNG). I didn’t like the addition of 7of9 onto the show, but apparently many thought the story was a lot better after she came on board. DS9 I actually didn’t like as much, and I never really got into it until the Dominion war was in full swing. Upon reflection, it sounds like DS9 is a deep series that would be much better on a repeat watching. Finally TNG is the benchmark that I measure other Treks, so in order for me to like Discovery, it has to measure up in some ways to TNG.

But does it? To be continued…

After I watched the latest Star Wars movie, I watched the latest Star Trek one! I’m much more of a Trekkie than a Star Wars fan so I was excited to see this.

My first thought was that this was the first time I watched a JJ Abrams Trek movie, and that the casting & dialogue of the bridge crew were pretty close to my expectation (especially McCoy, although he is a lot fatter). But then I realized that I must have watched the reboot at some point (I remember Kirk fighting in a bar) – turns out that I did almost 6 years ago! Wow, that was a long time ago (looks like I totally missed never heard about Star Trek Into Darkness).

The second thought I had was – wow, they destroyed the Enterprise in a movie again. It seems like they do that every movie! Up to that point, the movie was pretty interesting. I liked seeing how the Star Trek world was imagined vs the Star Wars world, particularly how the Starbase Yorktown was laid out. But after the crew ended up on the planet, the plot started going into lucky 777 mode just to push the story along. There was not a lot of rhyme or reason why things happened the way they did that killed the movie for me. I like my Star Trek stories to have a logical arc, and this is one movie that didn’t.

I had some expectations for this movie and since the plot was so outlandish in the second half, I’ll have to give Star Trek Beyond a two out of five.

I watched this oldie (from 1982) because I’ve been playing a Star Trek game and one of my Legendary characters is “Wrathful Khan”. I actually had also read the synopsis a few months ago too, and I think at some point I saw this movie on TV. Yet somehow I was still surprised at the plot and it wasn’t the movie I was expecting – for some reason I expected the Augments to take over a Klingon Bird of Prey.

In any case, I enjoy Star Trek but didn’t enjoy Wrath of Khan that much. The plot was fine but I think the pacing is too old fashioned – too many grandiose shots of the ship and people walking around the hallways. I don’t have an affinity to the Original Series so perhaps the nostalgia of finally seeing the ship again after the series was off the air for many years is lost on me. I also think that the villain Khan just wasn’t that imposing, scary or believable. He was actually a bit cartoon-y because he was so vengeful.

Overall, I would rate this movie 2 out of 5 stars. I would have preferred to watch an episode or two of The Next Generation or one of their movies instead.

After playing Star Trek Timelines for a little bit, it became apparent that levelling (maxing) out characters would be a good approach. By maxing your characters, you do better at shuttle missions, which allow you to level your other characters faster. So I proceeded to pick certain characters to max as follows (based on fading recollections):

  • February: Wesley Crusher, Security Chief Tuvok
  • March: Captain Janeway, Commando Crusher, Cretak (stalled at level 80)
  • April: Captain Proton (progressed very slow due to equipment requirements), Rifle Janeway, Miles ‘Smiley’ O’Brien, 1701 Dax, Prisoner ‘Bones’ McCoy
  • May: Fencing Sulu, Sela, Worf (stalled at 90), Reyga, Khan, Mobile Doctor (stalled at 80)
  • June: Khan, Tuvix, Mirror Uhura, Worf (2-star & stalled at 90), Picard (2-star), Garek, Ensign Seska

I guess I want to get to a point where all my characters are max level – I’m not buying premium packs, so I can only get new characters from portal pulls (daily rewards/events), credits (although they give two stars which are easier to level, and I’m throwing out ones that aren’t needed for Cadet Challenges), or events. I’m also not level any 3 star character that is not fully fused. Hopefully I’m over the hump and can level characters faster than I attain them.

I’ve been playing Star Trek Timelines for about 6 months now. That’s a long time for a game which I didn’t find that interesting! I’ve been playing every day for a couple of reasons though, mainly because the game pushes a lot of OCD buttons:

  • It is a game about collecting and opening packs (harkens back to me kid days spending allowance on cards and siimlar to Hearthstone)
  • There’s always stuff to level up; whether it is advancing a character, crafting equipment, or getting a a piece of loot to craft something. Meaning you get lots of mini rewards from your own progress (even now that I have a lot of high level characters, I get “rewards” every day).
  • To play the game efficiently, you need to be organized (i.e., use a spreadsheet), have a plan and prioritize your goals. Once this is done, there is yet another reward where you validate your plan by carrying it out (which is relatively simple since the gamelay is not difficult nor skill-based).
  • There are reasonable, built-in limits so the leveling seems attainable – namely, you can only level each character to level 100.

Lastly, I do like the Star Trek franchise; even if a game had all of the above points, I don’t think it would’ve kept my attention for this long (I think there are similar Star Wars and Marvel games)

Like the previous months of this year, the weather was crazy in May. It actually snowed on one weekend in the middle of May (no accumulation but there was a lot of flurries and hail). That was winter’s last hurrah though, because after that it was almost summer weather (with AC on). To celebrate, we started thinking about summer furniture – eventually we decided on a set from IKEA. I’m not sure how much we’ll actually use our patio set and it might get in the way of the kids when they want to play in the backyard. We were finally able to go to parks too and started the kids on their bikes again. Apollo still remembers how to ride but he still has to work on his strength (both in his legs and grip for braking). Jovian can sit on a bike, but his feet aren’t long enough to pedal yet!

I didn’t play a lot of Hearthstone this month once I got over the excitement of the new expansion (basically finished the quests to get the free packs). My game-of-choice is still Star Trek Timelines and I think I’m in a weird position where I’m starting to get a decent crew of max level characters and can do well in the events; but the difficult of the shuttle missions are starting to spiral so that my crew isn’t capable of finishing them. Even spending more money wouldn’t really solve the problem because if I have better characters, I would still need to spend a lot of time, resources and shuttle missions to get them to a usable level.

April was a non-typical month in many ways. First, I spent half of it away from home on two trips. The first was a multiple-family trip to Orlando to visit Disney World. We had 3 families and 6 kids in total under 4 so there was a lot of running around and crying at various points of the trip. We were there for a little over a week and visited all 4 of the Disney theme parks. Immediately the day after I came back, I was on another plan to Korea for a work trip. This one was short, only 4 nights, but I still had to spend a lot of time on the plane doing the cross-Pacific travel. Luckily, I had some buffer room at the beginning of the month and at the end of the month to be at home and have some normalcy.

The second reason that April was weird was that it was actually very cold. Unless it snows a lot in May, April will be the snowiest month this winter! The temperatures were under seasonal every day except the week that I was in Korea – there were even days, when we were in Orlando, where the high was below zero (thankfully, we were in +30°C…maybe that’s too hot though)!

I continued playing Star Trek Timelines this month and have a nice crew of max level characters now. I’m actually running out of things to do every day in that game because in building up my crew, I have a big stash of unused equipment so future characters don’t require too much grinding (until they are high level). This month also saw the release of Hearthstone’s Whispers of The Old Gods expansion and standard format. I opened about 25 packs so far and only have 1 legendary (+ the free C’Thun). C’Thun decks are pretty fun at the moment, but that might be a novelty factor.

I’ve been playing Stark Trek: Timelines for about a month now, and so I have more refined thoughts beyond my initial review. I’m not changing my review, but I just thought I would leave some of my thoughts out here:

  • There are a ton of bugs, questionable design choices, unbalanced or unfinished features. The devs have been slowly addressing them, and you learn to live with it, but it still kind of sucks. That’s the price you pay for starting at the very beginning. It feels like we’re beta testing, but I hear there was an actual beta test
  • At some point, you accumulate enough “free” currency (credits and merits) that it basically becomes infinite (unless you go crazy and spend on things you can’t use/store). There’s no way at all the get premium currency without paying $$ though, so it is very difficult to play more or play strategically to get premium currency items (like new ships/rare or higher crew)
  • While you might have some sentimental attachment to one or two star crew (you might like the character or they might seem to have useful traits or you might have spent a lot of time levelling them), it is almost always better to just chuck them since you have limited crew quarters (with few exceptions that are needed for missions, like 2 star Data). You should concentrate on levelling rare or higher crew for later episodes (and epic/elite missions). Although I still carry around a few single-skill 2 star characters because their skill level is sufficiently high for the missions I’m working through (prior to Episode 4).
  • There is too much stuff to craft and collect for your crew, that I think it’s impossible to play this game systematically without a spreadsheet. If you don’t use one, then you’re wasting a lot of time doing duplicate things.
  • The gist of this game is that it is about collecting (with arbitrary resource limits). There is a “story” but after you’ve played a mission 50 times to farm an item, it doesn’t matter anymore (it’s not that compelling anyways). You craft items and upgrade your crew, in order to go on more missions. However the missions get too hard, so you have to craft items and upgrade your crew again. It’s an endless cycle/time sink.

I’m at a point where I’m getting diminishing returns from the game now. I’m trying to decide when a good stopping point is, should I just move to another game or should I wait until the end of the current bonus period and see whether the (next) rewards are worth it?

The completionist in me has me suffering through Trexels (which I disparaged here) so that I can clear all the missions. It’s still a horrible game, but right now I don’t have another casual alternative. So on I go.

The farming isn’t even most infuriating thing – I can live with that (because that is what kills time). I can even get around the UI bugs now because I know what they are and can avoid them. It’s the poor software that is to blame (some bugs, some not). I even made a list!

  • There are rooms that give adjacent rooms a bonus. One would think if you put a room between two bonus rooms, that room should get double bonuses right? Nope!
  • Upgrading room takes time in a sequence (30 min -> 10 hours -> 24 hours). However after you move an upgraded room, every once in a while it gets reset down to level 1. Now you have to invest another 2 days into leveling it (and losing the associated farming)
  • There is a bug where if you do a holodeck simulation and gain command/research/power, those values do not reset after you are awarded the resource. Instead, each subsequent award is added to the previous (so first time you get 500, then next time you get 1000, then 1500, etc). Meaning, it is possible to get unlimited command/research/power at a much faster rate than farming
  • There is a holodeck simulation that costs 0 resources to attempt (Sector 2 – Mura Tapa away mission). Not a big deal when you have unlimited resources, but good to start out with. Later you can use Sector 7’s Arodna Prime to get a lot of resources really quickly once it is stacked.
  • There are some missions that assume you have a specific character – for example, the Lore mission assumes you have Data as a helmsman as the dialog talks from Data’s perspective. Except…Data is not free and costs a large amount of premium currency to obtain. Also, you get Sulu for free and he is a helmsman, so a lot of players will probably not invest their hard earned premium currency on Data. Why is Sulu talking like Lore is his brother??
  • In general, not a lot of attention was paid to who is speaking the dialog. Often the captain refers to him/herself in third person!
  • There are some missions that are just bugged and cannot be completed (i.e., Sector 2’s Mendel mission which many people have complained online about – yet has not been fixed!)
  • The later missions are impossibly hard even with fully leveled crew members (300 in all stats). I’ve even resorted to using character bonuses (i.e., +Combat) on top of the 300 stat in an attempt to pass them (they ask for only 240 average stats) and it doesn’t work. Basically it is now impossible for me, through skill, to pass any space or hand-to-hand combat missions. I have to wait for a fix or wait until the random number generator is in my favour.

Wow, that’s a lot of bugs!

I bought The Firm on a whim because it was pretty cheap ($1 USD) and it seemed like it would be fun. Like Flappy Bird/Crossy Road, it’s an easy game to play but difficult to master – at least the difficulty starts ramping up pretty quickly. The concept however, is not as good as something like Ridiculous Fishing. I don’t think it was a bad purchase (especially with no IAP) but it’s not a game where I am itching to play.

Trexels is an official Star Trek game whose sole reason to exist seems to be so that you can collect the entire bridge crew of TOS or TNG. Like Happy Street, you collect resources and build buildings (rooms in your ship) in the hopes that they will aid you to get the premium currency (Dilithium). Once you have a large number of dilithium, you can buy one bridge crew. There are also away missions that attempt to give it some variety, but all missions play the same way (irrespective of the lame dialog) so the game is rather boring. I played it for a week, but even the appeal of playing a Star Trek game wears thing when are you’re doing is farming.

I was excited when I heard about Star Command. I missed (both of) their Kickstarter campaigns, but I might have invested in them if I hadn’t! A pixelated version of Star Trek where you can explore the galaxy seemed right up my alley. I was disappointed that it came out first on iOS, but it was promised that it would eventually make it to Android. I was again disappointed that it was first released as part of a Humble Bundle (but not this one), and I figured I would just wait until I bought it on Google Play (for an easier time with updates). I finally bought it with some Google Play credit.

I finished the first run through (there is a New Game+) in about 5 hours. That seems pretty short for a $2.99 “premium” game (as they call it). In fact, in the 5 hours, I played all of the side missions and I grinded my ship for a long time too! In fact, I think grinded too much because when I started playing the storyline, it was super easy!

Star Command has an uphill battle because it needs to construct the universe lore without being in the Star Trek universe (of course there are a lot of illusions to Star Trek allies & enemies). Part of what makes the game interesting is to see what will happen next. That’s slightly different than the plot, because the plot is pretty sub-par. But you want to see what parts of next scene will be like Star Trek. Also it’s kind of disappointing that you can pick replies but the dialog remains the same (for the most part).

After all the hype, I was disappointed in the gameplay. The initial few levels are fun as you get used to the mechanics (and having your red shirts die in battle) but after a few levels (especially after grinding), it becomes formulaic. Your ship has an incredible advantage in that the shields regenerate, while you just keep shooting at your enemies who can hardly repair their ship. The RTS becomes:

  1. Wait for weapons to charge
  2. Play weapons mini games
  3. Press shield boost button when available

The in game fighting is fun for awhile. Then you realize it’s too hard to click and control your redshirts. It seems like it would make more sense when you can group your crew into security teams and order them around (with waypoints).

Perhaps this is because I was able to fully upgrade my ship before starting the main storyline. It is too easy to grind the tutorial missions and get tokens to upgrade your ship. Although, I’m not actually sure how much benefit the upgrades are (increases damage by x%, decrease wait time by y%) as the enemies don’t really get any harder, and no new gameplay elements are added. Similarly, the crew RPG elements don’t seem that useful. At higher levels, you get a single special ability button. You can’t choose what it is, and half the time I don’t understand what the icon does.

Overall, the game is neat to play, but there doesn’t seem to be much to keep your attention if you’re not fascinated by the concept. In addition, the $2.99 price tag is pretty steep – there are many better free or $1 games. Perhaps my review will change once I play New Game+ as there are still a bunch of locations which I am prevented from flying to.

For the last few months, I’ve been playing the (official) free-to-play MMORPG based in the Star Trek universe. I started playing it because it was free! And because I enjoy Star Trek. I used to play maybe an hour or two a night if I have time, but it has started getting less – it is surely not as addicting as WoW. I guess I got my money’s worth (I did spend $10 to get some in-game credits).

The game is both good and bad. It’s good in the sense that it is based on the Star Trek lore (but 20+ years in the future), and there are various cameos by “current” and past characters from the TV series. Some of the episodes are inventive and fun, such as the ones where you go back in time to the James T Kirk era, or when you’re given a mission by Q.

However, it suffers from the same problem that most MMORPGs have, which is a lot of grinding missions. While there are two battle modes (one when you’re in a ship, and one when you’re doing away missions), they get boring after awhile as many missions fall into the kill-x-enemies category. I’ve also encountered some infuriating bugs, such as it not recognizing that you’ve satisfied your (kill-x-enemies) criteria and proceeding with the next trigger.

The fun and non-typical missions that use the Star Trek lore shows that the game can be really fun; but unfortunately the majority of the missions are the ones which aren’t fun! This makes me wish that they spent more time and resources into the story so that I would keep playing. Maybe I’d even keep paying!

I’m about two years too late in seeing Star Trek. I meant to see it, especially when I heard good reviews of it in 2009, I even had a copy of it for half a year, but finally got to it this week!

It lives up to the hype, I give it a 4/5 stars. I’m not a hard core Star Trek fan, so the retcon of the history is not a big deal (and they have a clever way of passing it off). Perhaps it’s because I haven’t watched any Star Trek in a few years, but it felt fresh. There was a lot of variety and new situations, but everyone had an opportunity to say their cliché one-liners. Thus, it was new and memorable at the same time!

I thought the plot was polished, as if it had gone through several iterations. It felt like a good, quality script from TNG era. That’s probably what makes it a good movie – not the sci-fi, nor the special effects. It’s not thought provoking or mind busting, it’s just a solid quality action movie.

Fan Expo happened late last month. I didn’t go this year because I figured $35 (Saturday admission was $6 more than the other days) was not really worth it to walk around merchandise booths (where I wouldn’t buy anything), look at former B-list sci-fi actors (i.e., really D-list) from afar and line up for the privilege of doing those things. I did show up to try and hang around to see how people were dressed up, but they changed the layout this year and I was successful. I did end up seeing the Delorean from Back to the Future!

Anyways, perhaps it was the event that sparked me on a sci-fi trip in the last little while. Star Trek and Star Wars are the two big sci-fi franchises, and I think everyone is pretty familiar with them. I have interest in some other smaller ones too, like Babylon 5 and Stargate. But what I have been reading about recently, is Dune.

I first learned about Dune by playing the RTS Dune 2. That was pretty fun! Then I played Dune 1 (which was more of a RPG) and saw the 2000 Sci-Fi channel mini-series remake of Dune (I also bought the DVD somewhere…). Those was pretty good too, but then I never paid too much attention to it afterwards as I’m not a fanatic.

Recently it has captured my attention. While it is classified as science-fiction, I’ve come to realize that it is not the classic science-fiction that I enjoyed when I was younger. In the past, I read sci-fi books because they had all these interesting technology concepts that we don’t have today, but would be cool if we did. There certainly are technological advances in Dune, but there aren’t many; in fact, in the history of the Dune universe, all “thinking machine” level technology (i.e., computers) were eradicated!

What is captivating about Dune is the political struggle and posturing that takes place. Throughout the 15,000 year history, there are about 5 factions at any one time competing for power, and none of them can outright rule because they are all dependent on each other. Whereas Star Trek/Wars might be Axis vs Allies, Dune is very much like the current global-economic relationship.

Unlike our world though, where changes have real-life consequences, and time moves second-by-second. You can quickly move across thousands of years in Dune. You can see how families are merged and alliances are made. It’s like reading the history of Western Europe, except the authors made it interesting!

Maybe this will prompt me to start reading the Dune novels (all 8 of them?), although it is just so much easier to read about them on Wikipedia…

I generally think that Voyager is the weakest of the Star Trek spinoffs, yes even more than Enterprise. However, sometimes you get lucky, and if you do, you’d better not blink. Well that is a very corny segue into a recent episode of Voyager that I saw. Blink of an Eye is about a planet who’s time passes at a much quicker rate than “normal” time.

Voyager witnesses the evolution of their humanoid race from cave dwellers to a civilization capable of firing anti-matter torpedos into space. I thought it was really neat that you could see the long term view as if you were playing a game of Civilization. While there were some sketchy moments (their race can change their metabolism from their time to normal time?), overall it was a neat idea and what I expect from a Star Trek series.

remember that great star trek: enterprise episode i was talking about? well i watched the second part and not surprisingly i was disappointed in how they wrapped it up. the concept of the parallel universe was exciting but the execution, like much of the series is poor.

oh and ahkay commented that there were indeed other parallel universe star trek episodes, most notably in DS9. that’s true, but they didn’t take it to such an extent that they changed the intro.

on the topic of star trek, i’ve been spending my days watching star trek: the next generation. every weekday, there’s 5 hours of star trek; 2 hours back to back on spike tv, and then TOS, TNG, and voyager on space. so i’ve been watching 3 hours a day to try and catch a particular episode. i finally saw it on today; parallel is the episode where worf shifts between parallel dimensions until the dramatic conclusion where the sector they are in becomes filled with enterprises.

also, i created a star trek tag; why? because i seem to blog a lot about it (although i am not a trekie)

after a hiatus since the beginning of the new year, enterprise started playing showing new episodes last week. edmond said that last week’s episode was one of those touchy-feely character development episodes so i skipped it but i somehow managed to catch this week’s episode even though i missed it on city (woo hoo thank you digital+timeshifting).

this week’s episode was great (who knew ensign sato could be so slutty — watch out t’pol). it was entirely based in a mirror universe with a mirror enterprise crew and even includes a throw back mention to the original series (although i’m too young to know anymore than to recognize it). i’m surprised that in all its years the star trek franchise hasn’t done something like this; there was that one episode on the next generationwhere there were a million ncc-1701d’s (including the one in the universe where locutus stays borg and only riker+worf are alive on enterprise) but nothing drawn out to this extent. they even changed the opening credits!

it was so good that i watched it twice in one night on the same channel within three hours; although i blame the tv network for that.

after seeing that the last few episodes of season 3 were promising (ie there was a war), i continued to watch enterprise’s fourth season. i was fairly disappointed that the writers decided to resolve the nazi/alien season ending cliffhanger in just two episodes, which also conveniently rebooted the timeline. the third episode was even worse, it was like a soap opera that involved finding archer a gf and the bizarre love triangle between tucker, t’pol and some vulcan. i entertained thoughts of sending hatemail to the writers for teasing me with potential.

i was happily impressed by the fourth episode. it introduced the eugenics storyline and brought back data (well brent spinner) as a recurring character. i can just imagine all the fan boys going omg and wetting their pants over this double whammy. i think this is the key to success for enterprise, since they can’t go all tech crazy they should focus on stories that intertwine with key points in the history of the star trek universe. that way you capture the fanboy crowd, and you have t’pol and marines to capture the casual watcher.

side note: while i was surfing around, i came across this episode synopsis that seems to be like memento. i think this is 3×08 for all you download fanatics.

previously about enterprise: 1, 2.

would you believe me if i told you i’ve watched the last 3 weeks of enterprise? yes it’s still a very crappy show, but the lame acting and dialogue is passable because the current story arc has the enterprise going to war. will this war save the series like it did ds9? too early to tell, but at least enterprise has been renewed for the season 4. come to think of it, bush is using the same strategy with his government. tell the public a story about a war, and they’ll ignore all the other problems like the economy or rising oil prices. who’s imitating who? ds9 is prior art i think.

enterprise is probably the star trek series i’ve watched the least of all the present day ones (TOS looks too old). it’s probably due to two things, i’ve been watching tv less and less, and it’s missing cool new gadgets and technologies. i mean it’s only around 200 years in the future so if you take away the fact that they have space craft, we’ve seen all of their technology either in real life or in the “future” shows.