But Always is a tragic love story in Mandarin that is set in Beijing and New York City. It’s about a pair of people who have been close to each other for many short periods over a span of 30 years; from when they were in primary school til the present day. Their fates are intertwined even if they are together or apart on purpose or by chance.

I picked out this movie to watch on a flight back from SFO but ran out of time to finish it. Luckily, it is a popular selection under world cinema so I was able to finish it over my flight to Amsterdam.

While the feeling of the movie is strong (good or bad depending where the story is), the plot feels contrived – as if there are a couple of set pieces that the director wanted to film, but he wasn’t sure how to get the characters into place. Because of that, I’m going to give this film a 2 out of 5 stars.