Typically I try and get ready for Christmas and the new year in November, that means doing all of our Christmas shopping before Black Friday (because the 2 day holiday gives us a long weekend to travel) and getting my year-end blogs ready. This year, I didn’t really get much of that accomplished in that order, but I think it’ll still be OK in the end.

We didn’t plan a trip over American Thanksgiving because Pauline is back at work now. However, I did end up travelling to NYC and staying overnight, except that happened as 2 separate trips to NYC (one overnight, and one day trip). Both were for work and because of the compressed schedule, I didn’t have much time aside from work. Surprisingly, I hadn’t been to New York for more than a year before these trips!

We ended up doing the majority of our Christmas shopping around Black Friday. There are still a couple of outliers but hopefully we can avoid the malls next month. We didn’t actually score much on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but most of the purchases were strategic to check off our Christmas list.

We didn’t go see any Santa Claus parades this year, but we put up the Christmas tree for the first time in a few years. The kids actually understand what it means now so it’s worthwhile – plus putting it up early means it’ll be around for almost 2 months.

The kids’ fall programs have begun finishing so we’ll have to find some more things for them to do during the next month. But overall, December looks to be calm and not as hectic since we did a lot of preparations in November. Hope it actually turns out that way!