I think the Broken Sword series is supposed to be well known (at least it sold a few hundred thousand copies on Google Play for $7! each), and I got the Director’s Cut as part of that Humble Bundle. I like the idea of the game in theory, it’s a detective/puzzle/adventure game much like Yesterday or Silent Age but with more dialogue; so it plays like a movie. The problem is that the plot and dialogue is written like a bad movie! The triggers to advance the plot are also sometimes really arcane, something that wouldn’t logically follow – so I end up using hints to figure out what to do next.

That Humble Bundle just keeps on giving because I played yet another game from it. Organ Trail is a mix of Oregon Trail with zombies. Oregon Trail was fun when I was in school, but there are so many different games now. Even adding zombies and retro nostalgia cannot keep my attention on it.

Patrick Kane’s Hockey Classic is a decently good game of hockey for Android. It’s similar to the older NHL games (although the characters are more realistic than NHL94) and certainly doesn’t come close to EA Sports, but since there’s no EA Sports NHL for Android, then this is the best so far. Aside from Patrick Kane, they don’t have a license so they have a lot of jerseys in the right colors (but wrong design) and players only have a number. Of course, if you’re a fan; you can figure out who is who. There’s no line changing or any of that complexity so your first line stars are on the ice all the time. My biggest gripe is that the control system seems a bit loose. It might be because I have to play on touchscreen instead of a controller though.