This time, a couple of games that appear on both Android and iOS (although they might be from different publishers)

  • I blogged about Tiny Death Star previously.
  • Amazon had Carcassonne free one day so I finally got that for Android. I had actually decided that I wouldn’t get (as in pay) for it because I just don’t find the game that fun. There’s too much of a luck element, although I guess if you are a master player, you would find the randomness interesting as it would force you to think on your feet. Anyways, I won’t pass it up if it is free. It plays well, although the AI takes a bit of time to think which is a bit surprising. I wouldn’t think it’s worth $5 though.
  • I found out about The Silent Age by randomly browsing Google Play. It appealed to me because it seemed stylistic and indeed it is atmospheric. You’re supposed to play with headphones but I didn’t bother, and it was still moody. It is an adventure game similar to Yesterday but sticks to its theme. It’s rather short, and is supposed to serve as a preview (and funding) for future episodes. I might buy future episodes in the future if they’re not too expensive as it was fun.
  • Big Win NHL Hockey is a free-to-play game where you can spend real money for in game currency. The screenshots are kind of misleading, because it looks like NHL94 with real NHL players. In actuality, it’s a team management game (which is OK because the games themselves take too long to play). You can build your own dream team of players they say, but they give you a starter pack of cards with prospects. You’re supposed to play to earn in-game currency and then buy additional packs of cards to get better players and so forth. However, it’s really hard to get players! Additionally, each of the players have a lifetime (contract and retirement) which means you can spend a lot of time building up a player only to see them disappear forever. Unlike other freemium games, this one is a bit overboard in trying to get you to pay. Even the NHL license is not enough to keep me interested.