Although I’ve know about it for along time, I bought my first Humble Bundle recently. I think I never ended up buying them because I just haven’t been playing games that much; and in recent years, if I have, then it would have been on my XBOX360 for games of sufficient depth. There aren’t many games on mobile/handheld platform that I would want to pay for (and there are usually alternatives anyways) so I didn’t feel like spending on a Humble Bundle.

I bought the recent Humble Bundle because it included Ticket To Ride, which is a board game that I’ve played before. I enjoy playing board games electronically rather than live/with people because it’s a lot faster! I had Ticket To Ride on my Google Play wishlist for awhile, but it goes for something like $7.16 which is a lot to pay for an Android game. I ended up volun-paying $6.20 for the Humble Bundle, which got me the game and 2 DLC expansion packs (I could have paid $1 and received only the USA 1910 DLCs, so I’m not sure the extra $5 is worth it for the Europe maps).

I got a slew of other games as well which I would never play. I tried Organ Trail which is Oregon Trail with zombies but wasn’t really enamoured by it (maybe I’ll come back to it) and I got another copy of Greed Corp (I got this for cheap on XBOX360) but since I pretty much finished it, I might not play it again.

Ticket To Ride didn’t live up to my expectations. I don’t think the game itself is bad – its just the interface. In the bundle, you get the game for as many platforms as possible. I installed it on my living room PC and my TV is just big enough to display the UI (it probably needs > 720p resolution to play). I also installed it on my phone, and it laid out the same interface elements, in the same manner, on a sub-5″ display. Not only can I see, I can’t discretely click the elements. So that kinda sucks. The saving grace is that the game seems to be constantly updated (not fun to keep downloading 200mb updates) so perhaps it will get better on mobile devices.