In my opinion, Girls’ Generation is the biggest KPop group out there (well I’m not sure where the boy groups rank). But I have this pet peeve that because of their success, I don’t think they actually get any good (i.e., catchy) songs to sing.

This is not really a surprise. Because of their popularity, anything they release is going to be a hit and rabidly consumed by their fans. Therefore it makes sense to not pay for top flight producers and songwriting; but the US music industry is the same way. Anything Coldplay, Rhianna or Jay-Z releases will be considered “good” and they are (some singles) a cut above, not just songs from the discount bin.

I was hoping this would change with Girls’ Generation’s Korean comeback at the beginning of this year. Sadly, I was disappointed with their first two singles – Dancing Queen is a cover of Duffy’s Mercy and I Got A Boy is a odd non-formulatic hip-hop number. I think they are trying to set a style and evolve their sound; but it just doesn’t sound good (and I don’t think it’s a “you’re getting old, you’re not in touch with the younger generation” issue, because I don’t see Western Pop moving this way).