Most of my music listening this year was around my existing music collection and KPop. Here are the best KPop songs this year

  1. 소녀시대 (Girls’ Generation)- Express 999
    I don’t like most Girls’ Generation songs, but this one is very good. I like it because it’s a dance track, but not just because of that – they release a lot of high tempo tracks in Japanese which I don’t enjoy. The structure of this song is different and I like the variety in the different sections. There’s no clear hook, but all the motifs are good.
  2. 투개월 (Togeworl) – Number 1
    This is a duo which gained popularity through some American Idol-like show, and this song is really catchy. I also started listening to the Lim Kim (the female in this group) due to how good this song was.
  3. 태연 (Taeyeon) – 그리고 하나 (And One)
    One of two Taeyeon OST songs this year. The other sucked, but this one is good!
  4. 예성 (Yesung) – 먹지 (Gray Paper)
    I had this song as my morning alarm for a long time. I think its as good as any ballad by Bruno Mars.
  5. 브라운 아이드 소울 (Brown Eyed Soul) – Always Be There
    A lot of Western songs use 80s beats/synths in their song, but this song uses 90s synths. In fact when I heard it I thought it was a throwback to classic Boyz II Men. It’s awesome!
  6. 알리 (Ali) – 지우개 (Eraser)
    Not sure why I liked this song, it seems to be by an older artist but is sung well.
  7. 산이 (San E) -아는 사람 얘기 (Story Of Someone I Know)
    I saw the name San E on a lot of tracks this year, it’s like he is trying to be Nicki Minaj or someone? Well he’s a rapper for one, but he’s not scary. This is a catchy single he had.
  8. 소녀시대 (Girls’ Generation) – 유리아이 (Lost In Love)
    I didn’t like this song at first, but as a I listened to it more, it grew on me. It’s not actually by all of Girls’ Generation, just Taeyeon and Tiffany.
  9. 박지윤 (Park Ji Yoon) ft San E – 미스터리 (Mr. Lee)
    I don’t think they could make this song in the Western music industry – there just aren’t that many people with the same last name! Great contrast in the rap by San E as well on this one.
  10. 김예림 (Lim Kim) ft Swings – Voice
    There’s nothing that stands out about this song, but Lim Kim has a great timbre in her voice, and this is a relaxing track. I think the rap in this one detracts from the song though.
  11. 스텔라 (Stellar) – 공부하세요 (Study)
    Nice disco-style pop music
  12. 나인뮤지스 (9MUSES) – 건 (GUN)
    This is a catchy single with a nice hook that reminds me of the 80s (Hawaii Five-0?)
  13. 파이브돌스 (F-ve Dolls) – 짝 1호 (Soulmate)
    Yet another catchy disco single…but these do not have a long shelf life.