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Apollo loves watching Girls’ Generation dance to Mr. Mr. so I end up playing the video for him via YouTube. Luckily for Apollo, there are many, many versions of Mr. Mr. during the brief promotional period for the hit. Here are some official and fan links:

  1. Official MV
  2. Official dance practice
  3. M! Countdown 20140306
  4. KBS Music Bank 20140307
  5. Music Core 20140308
  6. Inkigayo 20140309
  7. SBS The Show 20140311
  8. M! Countdown 20140313
  9. Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook 20140314
  10. KBS Music Bank 20140314
  11. Music Core 20140315
  12. Inkigayo 20140316
  13. Show Champion 20140319
  14. Music Core 20140322
  15. Inkigayo 20140323
  16. KBS Music Bank 20140328
  17. Inkigayo 20140330
  18. SBS 20140615

I think the dancing & choreography is actually quite interesting and inventive. KPop groups are known for their synchronized dancing, but the videos actually depart from this idea and the camera work focuses on individuals. My favorite version is the dance practice version, because you can see how the members cycle around to enable the focusing.

I’ve complained in the past that even though Girls’ Generation is a huge KPop group, they seem to get low quality songs. I complained about their previous big single I Got A Boy as being a bit weird and Hip-Hop style rather than Pop (which is true). But that track won the 2013 Video of the Year from YouTube so I guess they proved me wrong. Although I still think that that single deviates from their core fan base; I suppose they have aspirations to be a group famous worldwide (instead of just Asia) so that could explain their song decision.

The lead single from their “4th mini album” is different. Mr. Mr. is a pop track and has a catchy hook. But there is a breakdown near the end which has a North American dance beat. Maybe it’ll be their cross over hit?

Another single I like (although this is from a Japanese release awhile back) is Beep Beep. It has a neat video, but for some reason I can never find a correct version online (either the video is cut off or the video extends beyond the song as if the music was added on after the fact). Here’s a live version

In my opinion, Girls’ Generation is the biggest KPop group out there (well I’m not sure where the boy groups rank). But I have this pet peeve that because of their success, I don’t think they actually get any good (i.e., catchy) songs to sing.

This is not really a surprise. Because of their popularity, anything they release is going to be a hit and rabidly consumed by their fans. Therefore it makes sense to not pay for top flight producers and songwriting; but the US music industry is the same way. Anything Coldplay, Rhianna or Jay-Z releases will be considered “good” and they are (some singles) a cut above, not just songs from the discount bin.

I was hoping this would change with Girls’ Generation’s Korean comeback at the beginning of this year. Sadly, I was disappointed with their first two singles – Dancing Queen is a cover of Duffy’s Mercy and I Got A Boy is a odd non-formulatic hip-hop number. I think they are trying to set a style and evolve their sound; but it just doesn’t sound good (and I don’t think it’s a “you’re getting old, you’re not in touch with the younger generation” issue, because I don’t see Western Pop moving this way).