Two years ago, I complained about my inability to move my Gallery2 installation (now with 32k+ photos) to the “new” Gallery3. Two years later, I decided to try again, because I figure that by now all the kinks should have been solved in the import process right? Well I was wrong. I still can’t import my photos so I’m still stuck using photo software from web 1.0 to host my photos online. That’s just wrong!

But I can’t find a good solution to this problem. I blogged recently about my intent to put my photos on Picasaweb but that is not easy to do! My current gallery has 771 albums and takes up almost 40GB of storage. It will just continue to grow in size (especially with my new camera taking photos at higher resolutions). If I forget about backing up my originals online, and let Picasa compress my photos (to say 600kb each), that’s still 18 GB of data to transfer. Then I have to ensure it is organized properly.

Personally, I see Picasaweb as a curated photo collection, but it takes even more of my time to filter, select, and post my photos.

I’ve done searches every few months to see if there is better software out there to help me organize photos, but every other PHP script is, like Gallery2, stuck in Web 1.0. I’m resigned to the fact that I should backup my photos by mirroring them offline, but I still don’t have a good solution to put ALL my photos on the cloud. I’m just surprised that other people haven’t run into (and solved) this problem – whenever I search for issues on importing from Gallery2 -> Gallery3, users are talking about only hundreds (and in the odd cases) thousands of photos. Surely, there must be people out there trying to manage photo collections of hundreds of thousands?