There are a lot of video sharing sites on the web, but I am strangely loyal to YouTube. I don’t think there is a good reason, so I’d chalk it up to inertia. It is a shame because I realize there are too small, yet incredibly annoying things about YouTube which there seems to be no solution for.

First, once you’ve picked a username, then you’re stuck with it. It doesn’t matter if you’ve tied your YouTube account to your Google Account or not, you have to use the idiotic name that you picked out the first time. For me, I will forever be known as the meaningless sunstroke55. Well that’s not true, I could tie a new, more meaningful account name to my Google Account; I only have to re-upload all my videos from scratch…that’s not a good solution.

The second problem I have is that I can’t re-upload my videos. I have an old account, back when you could only upload really crappy video resolutions (or at least it was resized to a low resolution). I can’t even make out what’s happening in some of my videos on the full screen. I wish there was a way I could re-upload my video to take advantage of YouTube’s new limits, but I just can’t. Well again, I could; meaning that I would need to upload a NEW video thereby breaking all my permalinks and embeds as well as view counts and comments.

These limitations are very frustrating. They seem like basic features which should be present in web applications. I suppose they are there because of technical challenges, but Google has solved many technical challenges, why can’t they solve these?