I remember having a conversation in 2005 about having all my photos online (i.e., the term we used before it became the cloud) and now 7 years later, I’m still struggling with putting my photos there.

It’s not that I don’t have a solution; I do have all my photos online using Gallery, but Gallery is old (feels like it’s from 2005), and the new version (Gallery3) doesn’t have the archiving features that I need (also I tried upgrading a few times and it didn’t work with all the photos I have).

One big reason why I’ve been thinking about it right now is because I want a solution to show my photos on phone or tablet – basically when I’m on the go. There are a lot of ways to put photos on the web (Flickr, Picasaweb, Facebook, etc), but not a lot of ways to view them. I have a bunch of photo albums on Facebook, but the Facebook app is too slow to view photos through (plus you need to have be online).

I’ve been thinking of using Picasaweb, but the problem there is you only get 1GB of free space. That’s not a lot of photos, even if they’re optimized. I also have to reorganize them and pick the best ones to show; which is a good idea in principle, but I have too many photos to go through!

An ideal solution would be some integration with Gallery, and there is such an app for Android (Regaldroid), but it’s just not very pretty or smooth.

So right now there’s no good solution, which is weird, because a lot of people have a lot of photos on the web!