My commute to work has changed quite a bit now that I have changed jobs. In the past, Pauline would drop me off at Finch station and I would take the VIVA Pink directly to work (no need to transfer). On the way home, I would take the same bus to Finch and then walk back home (it didn’t seem worthwhile to pay a token to travel ~1km, in traffic). This path would take about 30 minutes in the morning and an hour and a bit in the evening

In the even nearer past (i.e., while YRT has been on its 80+ day strike), I would take the Finch bus from the stop outside my house, and then transfer at Warden up into York Region. Coming home from work, I would get off at the TTC stop across from my house and didn’t need to walk from Finch station. In practice, this ended up taking longer than taking the VIVA+walking because I had to wait for the inconsistent schedule of the 68B and I couldn’t take any express Finch buses since I had to get off at an intermediate stop.

Now, my commute is much shorter, I just need to take the local Finch bus to the station and subway for a few stops. Because I have to transfer every 5 minutes or so, and the frequency of the local buses have been pretty good so far (perhaps they are optimized for this direction instead of my previous opposite direction); my commmute is actually too short! I can’t sleep on my commute anymore or have enough down time to read a book or listen to music – I haven’t even been using my iPod on the commute!