Here is a problem with the TTC:

The 68 Warden (north of Steeles) is supposed to come every 20 minute or so, and should be spaced accordingly. Except, in real life, due to the riders or the drivers or traffic, it doesn’t happen that way! In this case, 40 minutes worth of buses going south are now approaching the same stop, and the next bus is 50 minutes away (instead of 20 minutes). Or at least that’s what they say, who knows if the next northbound bus is actually going to go north of Steeles?

Why are there 6 northbound Warden buses around 401?

VIVA typically doesn’t have this problem. Sure their drivers make $7 less per hour than TTC drivers, but maybe it’s because YRT invests those $7 into other job roles that make sure their buses are on time!