One of the reasons why I’m working on another card game is because, after making a card game, I already have a lot of resources and experience in it. This is, however, both a blessing and a bane. It makes it a lot easier to make certain decisions since there are existing patterns to follow (or even code to just copy). But in a way, that takes a lot of fun out of the process – a lot of it becomes routine. It’s a lot more interesting and fun when there are hard problems to solve.

One aspect that is a good blend of both is constructing the cards. I already know how to make the cards and to write an interface for a player’s hand. But I get to do something new this time around by changing the design of the cards. I decided to go with a square and more defined design like this:

I also decided to add make things a bit more varied. For example, the money cards are quite simple (since it doesn’t need to communicate much), where as action cards have a bit more content.

I haven’t gotten around to designing the property cards yet, but I’ll show them off once they are done.