There’s an Avengers movie coming out in 2012, and in order to make it as action-packed as possible, Marvel has been spending the last few years releasing movies about the various super-heroes in Avengers (Hulk Remake, Iron Man, and Thor). The last in the series is Captain America.

Captain America on the surface is a boring hero. He has no mystical or “superhuman” powers; in a sense he is a lot like Batman. He’s also THE flag carrying member of US military so many of his stories revolve around the typical US vs Nazi/Soviet/Vietnam war themes. But, he’s also the leader of the Avengers so it’s important to build up his back story.

The movie version of his backstory is somewhat faithful. It takes place back in the 40s where the US super-soldier program was happening to give the Allies an advantage of the Axis. There are a couple of new secondary characters, but the main theme of puny Steve Rogers becoming the only successful super-soldier still remains. He helps take down Nazi Germany but ends up in present day. That’s the good fan-boy part.

The plot arrives at its destination, but there are a lot of nonsensical scenes where suddenly the world is OK again (for example, Cap jumping through fire – how did they get out of the building?). I think the editing could use some work because it plot didn’t work smoothly as a movie. I’ll give this a 3 out of 5 stars.