The last movie that I saw in theatres was Captain America, almost a year ago. I’ve followed that up with another Marvel movie, which features Captain America – Avengers! I haven’t really been too enthusiastic about the movie because I’ve never really been interested in the Avengers. The X-Men or Justice League of America are more intruiging to me. Nevertheless, I went and saw Avengers and didn’t regret it.

I would give it 3.5 stars out of 5, although I know many people liked it much more. I think Joss Whedon’s comedic writing gave it an additional 0.5 rating. I really only felt his impact in the comedy, I didn’t think there were more or less comic geek in-jokes in this one compared to other Marvel films I’ve seen.

I actually didn’t think that highly of the movie, mostly because I felt that there was too much talking and character development; even though at the same time I noticed that the character development was compressed and each character was only given a short time to establish why they should be in the movie. I feel this way because I already know a lot about all the characters (including Maria Hill of SHIELD) so I just want to see the bashing and smashing (and the comedy I suppose). So at times, the 2:15 film dragged for me.