When I used SweetCron as my “main page” in place of my blog, it was in a hurried state-of-mind. I was excited to make my lifestream accessible outside of a RSS feed so I wanted to make the change quickly. But I didn’t want one of the generic themes so I mopped up something quickly and changed my main page.

I wasn’t happy with the design though; it looked a bit dated, like it was from the early 2000s or something.

I finally got around to theme-ing it a bit better now so that it is more modern. It has more stylistic rounded rectangles and transparencies (unless you are using Internet Explorer where you don’t get all the new luxuries). It should also dynamically adjust to the width of the browser, although if things get too thin then the content starts overlapping.

I’m still not entirely happy with it, most notably because there is a lack of images to break up monotony of text. I think it’s a bit hard to put pictures in since the feed itself doesn’t have pictures but maybe I can put some more profile pictures or something in.

I also added a Reddit feed to my lifestream. I finally joined Reddit because I was frustrated with Digg not having stories about some of the cool links I found; but Reddit seems to have the same problem. I am really trying to avoid using del.icio.us because I don’t want to type in a description text for my bookmarks.