I was digging through my old stuff on the weekend, and came across my old cellphones. I will probably donate them to Flipswap for environmentally-friendly disposal, but before I do that, let’s take a walk down memory lane!

The Motorola C333 was my second cellphone. It was b/w and no frills, it couldn’t even use Midi ringtones; instead you had to program new rings in by typing in a sequence of notes (mapped to letters). I think I made a site listing ringtone sequences for this phone once-upon-a-time. I also bought new faceplates for this phone, I think a red and a blue one, from Pacific Mall. Eventually I had some battery issues with this phone and had to recharge it constantly.

My third cellphone was the Motorola v66. It was also my first flip phone. I bought this phone when I started my first work term in Seattle for $75USD (including SIM and some air time) from T-Mobile. I called in 2 months later and they gave me the unlock code for the phone so I was able to use it when I moved back to Canada. I liked the form factor of this phone; I think it was thin for its time (much thinner than the v60). It served me well for a long time, until eventually it got a crack in the screen.

Although I was happy with the v66, I kind of wanted a colour phone. So in 2005, when I was back in Seattle, I saw a deal for a Cingular prepaid phone and bought it. The package, including SIM card and Samsung SGH-C207 was only something like $25 USD. I was confident I could unlock it, but it turns out I couldn’t. After trying off-and-on for a few years I eventually bricked the phone!