I signed up awhile ago to FriendFeed, although I never really used it (I had to get my username before someone else took it you see). FriendFeed is kind of like the Facebook newsfeed in that it aggregates everything you’re doing into one stream, except it’s not limited to Facebook, but the entire web (although you lose granularity of course). The trick is that it scrapes your RSS feed from various sites, and aggregates them into one single feed.

I’ve been thinking of replacing the main orangefever RSS feed with FriendFeed, but FriendFeed isn’t exactly what I wanted. FriendFeed’s RSS feed of me just lists the headline of each item in my aggregated feed, but I would rather have a “lifefeed” that contains the content of all of my feeds. Instead, I slapped together something in Yahoo! Pipes, and now I proudly present my LifeFeed*.

My LifeFeed contains my old “everything” feed (blogs, links and comments) and now replaces it. You’ll also get my Facebook status feed, YouTube feed, new Flickr pictures (Flickr’s no longer in my doghouse), Digg history (I should Digg more…), my public Picasa web albums, and my Xbox blog. Have fun stalking me!

* Internet life only