After a November with no snowfall (first time in Toronto’s recorded history that i didn’t snow in November) we were rewarded with a lot of snow come December. Thankfully, the snow died down (and decided to hit the Eastern seaboard instead). We just ended up with unseasonally cold temperatures (~-10°C more accustomed to in February).

We did our requisite Christmas shopping this month. It wasn’t too bad, once you know what to get. And really, that last qualifier is the key – it’s tough to accept a decision sometimes. Also if you get things on weekdays, the process is a lot smooth. Weekends at the mall suck, there are way too many people.

Work wasn’t really busy. We shipped our release for the year at the end of November so there were only a few minor things to do in December and most of the time we prepared for releases next year. Like usual, there was no Christmas holiday celebration at work. For a second year in a row, they asked us to pay for the privilege of taking the morning off to watch a movie.

A (B? C?)-list celebrity, Brittney Murphy, died and wait, where was the press? It looks like they were still recovering from the Tiger scandel that started innoculuously over American Thanksgiving and then took over the headlines until Christmas.

Oh yeah, we also went to Italy. I’ll blog more about that later.