I’ve been importing my blog (my blog, not my lifefeed) into Facebook as Facebook notes since 2006. That’s some 750 blogs! I didn’t really do it to drive traffic, as I would very much rather people visit my blog directly, but just because Facebook had this facility in place. It was never really an issue since these Notes didn’t surface to other users – until recently.

With some recent changes of the News Feed, every single one of my blogs began appearing in other people’s news feed like dirty laundry floating downstream. Embarrassing? Slightly, but that is kind of what you expect for blogging publicly. Actually what I was more annoyed about was that this meant there were two copies of my blog, one on Facebook and one on my actual blog. You can guess which one most people read.

Then there is a problem when people start commenting. I want the comments on my blog where I can control the data, and not in the Facebook eco-system. There have been some attempts to write plugins to import Facebook comments into WordPress but they typically don’t work anymore since Facebook likes to update their HTML every once in awhile. I’ve been keeping an eye out, and I was lucky to stumble upon a new Facebook comments WordPress plugin before Facebook broke it. With this, I’m able to import all (40, yay!) comments from Facebook into my blog.