I like the fact that Facebook has RSS (and Atom) feeds on their “My Notes” feature, which you can subscribe to at the friend level. I don’t like the interface required to go look for notes and my RSS reader is better at this sort of stuff anyways. There’s even a feature to subscribe to a feed of all your friends’ Notes; which is even more useful!

I would like to subscribe to that feed, but there ends up being so much garbage in it. See, all the real bloggers out there import their blog feed into their Facebook notes, so their “My Notes” is just a duplicate of their blog. So when I subscribe to the feed of all my friends’ notes, I end up with duplicates in my reader.

The solution to this is to individually subscribe to my friends who seem to write notes consistently, which is a pain in the ass. It would be nice if Facebook made a feed for My Friends’ Notes That Aren’t Imported.