I think it’s an interesting practice to apply my new travel strategy to my home town, Toronto, and see what are the interesting things (at least to me) there are to do. Here is my brain dump in the order they arrived.

  • Pacific Mall and surrounding areas
    The best Chinese neighborhood outside of China (sorry Richmond). Even though Pacific Mall is a “Chinese mall”, I think its the epitome of Toronto’s multicultural nature, with visitors from all sorts of nationalities visiting the electronics and DVD stores. It’s only going to get more mixed when Remington Centre is built.
  • ROM (and AGO and OCAD)
    I think the ROM (and the AGO? I haven’t even been past there since it was rebuilt) is worth a visit; not for the content but for the architecture. The Michael Lee Chin crystal is either really obtuse or cool depending who you ask. I’m of the latter although I have a bias towards large man-made objects. Don’t forget OCAD either, because I don’t know of any other building in the world supported by pencils.
  • Niagara Falls
    This one is obvious, but if you can spend a day driving out to there and back, it’s worth it as the Falls are huge. Also, the one experience you can’t miss is Maid-of-the-Mist, but make sure you wear contacts if you can. Along the way you can go wine tasting, fruit picking, shopping, gambling or visit the quaint Niagara-on-the-lake to fill up your schedule.
  • Tsoundcheck
    If you’re under 29 and visiting for a few days during the year (i.e., not summer months), there’s probably a Toronto Symphony Orchestra concert happening which you can attend for only $12. Tickets usually only go on sale a week before the concert, so their semi-rush. I’ve tried showing up at the door to buy tickets, but that didn’t work

Not a big list eh? Well it is actually quite difficult thinking of things that I would actually want to do if I did not live in Toronto.