For a couple of years, I have heard that the atmosphere at Toronto FC games was rabid, even though the team didn’t play so well (expansion team woes). I haven’t been to a game myself, but I went last Wednesday as Richard’s company had cheap tickets.

I’m not a fan of soccer, and don’t follow the TFC. The Marlies are the only team I half-heartedly follow from the CNE. I don’t even know where Chivas USA is from, but I assume they are from the US even if their team name sounds Spanish (apparently they are Mexican owned, but based in LA). So I was really there for the experience! The fans were not as rowdy as I hoped they would be, although they did throw streamers and even a flare onto the field. One of the reasons might be that it was a chilly and rainy evening. They did come alive when Toronto scored the only goal in the game enroute to a 1-0 victory.

Did you know, there are several Toronto FC fan clubs? I don’t know if one of those fan clubs threw a smoke bomb.

This was the first time I was in BMO field, having walked several times past it. It has a great view of downtown Toronto, but as a stadium, it’s not that great. The seats aren’t very comfortable (maybe because the fans threw all the seat cushions onto the pitch after TFC scored their first ever goal), and it’s an outdoors stadium (i.e., no enclosed spaces except washrooms and boxes). I was also surprised that the stadium wasn’t packed, considering 14000 of the 20000 seats are season tickets!