I don’t understand how people can spend a lot of time on Facebook. During the honeymoon phase, it is of course pretty fun. You edit your profile, and scour your friends’ friends for people you once knew. This was what made Orkut fun for the time that I used it. But after awhile, there’s pretty much nothing to do.

The News Feed is useful because it pulls me back to the site to see who’s updated, but because a lot of people have their privacy settings on paranoid, I end up looking at my ‘Recently Updated’ friends as well. I used to keep a window to my News Feed open, and refresh it periodically during the day when I’m bored, but I realized that I am only using Facebook nowadays to accept friend requests or add friends.

Maybe I’m going about it wrong, and need to stalk people more. But I don’t think I’m the only one. Facebook first made it big in the American college circles, and I have several friends from there. I hardly see them on my News Feed, not because they are paranoid, but because they update rarely. So while it is fun for a period, I can’t really see a prolonged Facebook addiction.